Riding slow

Accuride has launched a new easy-close mechanism for its 115RC Linear Track System. The 115RC Easy-Close is an add-on dampener that slows and controls component movement at the end of travel in the drawer track. The new soft-close mechanism also has three pounds of pulling force, which provides enough resistance to hold components in place at either […]

Register for AWFS Fair College to build knowledge

You can register now for the College of Woodworking Knowledge (CWWK) being held by the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) at the AWFS Fair in July. The college will be held over all four days of the show (July 22 to 25) at the Las Vegas Convention Center. There are eight tracks with […]

Designed for big CNC jobs

One of Holz-Her’s newest CNC machine is the five-axis Multirex 7125 Flex. It’s built for a wide variety of demanding jobs such as cutting panel materials and solid wood. Machining length is 5.4 metres. With this length capacity, it handles even large door components easily, says Holz-her. Y-axis lengths are 1.4 or 1.6 metres. The 7125 has a […]

Better light on the backsplash

Rev-A-Shelf has introduced Luniform, a lighting technology the company says is designed to eliminate dotted appearances and reduce wanted glare within LED fixtures. It merges special lenses and proprietary films that diffuse LEDs, with advanced diode technology. This advancement allows for up to 10 times the amount of LEDs on a single circuit board or […]

Four new axioms

Rockler has added four new Axiom AutoRoute CNC machines to its product offerings. They are designed for shops looking to upgrade from entry-level machines, or as a first-time purchase of a precision CNC unit. The units feature liquid-cooled motors for quiet operation. Universal router mounts accept a wide variety of common woodworking routers. All machines […]

Expanding capabilities

Thermwood has added new capabilities to its Cut Ready Cut Center. You can now have custom products programed into the machine, with Thermwood’s new Special Products program. The company will install definitions for all your custom products, in all their variations. If you make office furniture, Thermwood has also added a line of office furniture […]

A world-first sander

Mirka has unveiled what it says is a world first — an electric sander with a brushless motor and no external power supply. The Mirka Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander (DEROS) is a lightweight, compact sander that comes in at just 950 millimetres high and one kilogram in weight. Mirka says the DEROS is the […]

Success comes cold-calling

There’s a line in a song by the legendary Maritimes singer/songwriter, Stan Rogers, about an Alberta rodeo-star-turned-rancher-being-cattle-rustled that goes, “Forty-four’s no age to start again.” But that’s exactly what Gary Litwin did when he started Union Square Vintage Wood Co. in Montreal. A dynamo who thrives on the unknown, Litwin laughs, “I had no idea […]

Banding the contours

Festool’s new Conturo Edgebander is a handheld tool that lets you easily apply edgebanding to curved surfaces and small pieces, but that can also be turned into an edgebanding station with an optional table. The Conturo uses hot melt glue pucks, and the glue system is thermally isolated so there’s no risk of burns from […]

Revisions to the Canada Labour Code: danger redefined

by Jeremy Warning Although decried by organized labour, key amendments to Part II of the Canada Labour Code (the Code) came into effect on Oct. 31, 2014. These amendments change the definition of “danger” in the Code and provide expanded obligations for the workplace parties when an employee exercises the right to refuse dangerous work. Organized […]