E-letter: Post-customer matrix

One thing about getting older – you just don’t bite on every lure they drop in front of you. The supremacy of progress, for example. For the past many years, conventional wisdom has had it that everything old is bad and must be replaced with something new. In the world of education, this has resulted […]

Pardon my fun

It is nothing short of amazing how much negativity the internet pumps into the world per nanosecond. It’s as if every would-be internet publisher or personality quickly learns that good news does not sell papers. On just one cruise through the news this month, I see a really pitiable story about Madonna, drunk on-stage and […]

E-letter: Ikea goes rustic mass-elitist

Conrad Black in last week’s National Post predicted the eventual win by Donald Trump of the U.S. Republican Presidential Primary. While I am not persuaded by sooth-sayers, fortune tellers and theosophists, something else he said caught my attention. He said of Trump rival Ted Cruz that his constituency did not extend beyond, “Bible-thumping, M16-toting corn-cobbers […]

Variable speed wood lathe

The variable speed Maxi-lathe VF wood lathe from General International features quick lock control levers that easily position tool-rest while stable cast-iron frame, head and tailstock reduce chatter and vibration for smoother turning. There is a maximum distance of 17 in. between centres. The three variable speed ranges are 200 to 900, 350 to 1600 and 700 to 3500 rpm. Positive indexing is in 15° increments […]

Clamp for gluing panels

When used in conjunction with bar clamps, Larry’s Clamp helps to flatten boards when making glued up panels. Using two hands to hold and operate this air operated unit, fingers are safely out of the way when activating the clamp. Five hundred pounds of pressure ensures flat and even panels. Units are available in 18, […]

Sharpening kit for turners and carvers

DMT Diamond Machining Technology has announced its new Sharpener Kit for Turners and Carvers. Driven by customer demand, the kit provides craftspeople with a practical and convenient combination of diamond sharpening products for curved and small edges. The kit for comes in a carrying pouch that can be hung from a peg board or folded for drawer storage, and features four continuous diamond surface sharpening products in […]

Clamps apply even, non-marring pressure

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced two new sizes of its Bandy Clamp work accessory. Large Bandy Clamps feature a jaw opening that will fit the edge of standard 2x lumber (2x4s, 2x6s, etc.), which makes them useful for edging thick tabletops, countertops and other projects involving thick stock, the company says. Small Bandy Clamps […]

E-letter: What’s not to love?

So, here comes Valentine’s Day, and what’s not to love? Sure, the world’s politico-economic environment has more knots in it than one of my dry-fly backcasts on a windy day, but such things never change. I have mentioned before that I beat the Valentine’s Day Guilt Month 25 years ago with what I consider to […]

Something has to give

I got into an exchange recently with a friend of a friend, and he made the claim that Britain’s Opium Wars with China were between the Chinese and “British colonizers.” I’m not sure what he meant by “colonizers,” but to me colonizing means packing up your bags and moving, lock, stock and barrel, to a new […]

Electronic lock gets an upgrade

Weiser has announced its latest electronic deadbolt, the Powerbolt 2. The unit eliminates the need for keys and can store up to six unique codes — including single-entry codes — so family, guests, neighbours or a dog walker can access a home at certain times as permitted. The Powerbolt 2 is easy to install and […]