Secured storage provides efficiency and security on the jobsite

Jobsite storage equipment specialist Knaack has introduced the Knaack Cart Armour for commercial construction and residential contractors that need secured storage solutions that are easy to access. The product is an interlocking steel paneling system that encloses mobile work carts to secure contents from theft. Installed in less than 15 minutes, the patent pending design […]

Earplugs reduce the risk of hearing loss and tinnitus

Workers who are exposed to sudden loud impacts or sustained loud sounds, but also want to hear naturally when sound levels are safe, can protect themselves from hearing loss and tinnitus with HD•15 electronic earplugs from Etymotic. The electronic earplugs allow safe sounds to pass through, as though nothing is in the ears, yet instantaneously […]

Is ERP for me?

There comes a time in any manufacturer’s journey where the factory he or she gave birth to grows to become an unwieldy, out-of-control, tangled mess. Where it once was so easy for one person to know what inventory was in stock, who was working on what project and which customer had paid their bills, there […]

Oblivious: Designers must see the trees for the forest

I really like maple trees, but the tree that I’m the most familiar with is actually the most common tree in Canada, the Populus tremuloides, more commonly and (apparently) more properly known as the quaking aspen. We just called it the poplar. Why not? It was the most common tree, and why give it a […]

Architect-ready: Windows respond to high-end demands

When architects want to wow a high-end budget client, giant windows and craftsman doors can make a satisfying statement about status, taste and function. Loewen Windows and Doors of Steinbach, Man., has been working with wood for over a hundred years when the original Loewen family business made church pews and beekeeping equipment for Manitoba […]

It’s never too early to incorporate

It is no secret that Canadians have been caught up in the start-up culture that has emerged across various industries. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s small business statistics, there are just over 1 million small businesses across the country, which employ approximately 8.2 million people that constitute 70.5 percent of private sector […]

Constructive dismissal: Firing can go both ways

When a business is humming along, and workers are all pulling in the same direction, employers might never give a second thought to a disgruntled employee lurking behind a bench. What did you do to cause such resentment? Was it a job reassignment? Or was a much-younger supervisor put in place that put a nose […]

Modular wood divider system for drawer interiors

 Richelieu has announced a wood divider system combining trays, dividers, boxes and holders for functional and stylish drawer interiors. Offered in tones of birch and walnut with a woodgrain texture, the Straightline modular wood divider system increases efficiency in the kitchen with well-organized cabinet interiors and drawers, the company says. The system combines a series […]

Kitchen island legs collection

 Osborne Wood Products has introduced its collection of kitchen island legs. Island legs are used as countertop supports or can be split in half and applied to the face of a cabinet. Hand-crafted to emphasize the details of the design, styles include traditional, reeded, twisted, contemporary and mission. Most posts are available at 34.5 and […]

Dust extractors with suction hose, Bluetooth and remote control

 Festool has introduced updated models of its CT Dust Extractor product line that feature smooth suction hoses, optimized SYS-Dock with cord holder, T-LOC function and optional Bluetooth connectivity with remote control. The new suction hose is designed for sliding over edges, improved handling and a longer service life. The CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 […]