Mix it up marketing

Take ownership of your company’s marketing; One size does NOT fit all “If you build it, he will come.” While that line eventually worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, its applications in the real world are considerably more limited. Canadian value-added wood manufacturers have a worldwide reputation for building high-quality products. Yet the […]

Filling the skills gap

A unique program  gives hope to industry, and spirit Dean Mattson is director of the cabinet-making program at North Salem High School in Salem, Ore. He had helped one of his students, a Hispanic girl he calls Mary, complete a class project: a very small table that measured 16-inches by 16-inches by 16-inches. She told […]

Selling Stateside

SMART EXPORTERS FIND SUCCESS, SOUTH OF THE BORDER Up until 2008, the U.S. served as Canada’s largest export market for value-added wood products. According to the analysts, there is no reason why that can’t happen again. Even with the higher Canadian dollar, all indications south of the border finally point to a sustained housing recovery […]

Dust… Spark… Inferno

Combustible dust is a deadly wood-industry hazard. Postive steps can help prevent explosions from two sources: regulations and fire. Four workers have been killed recently, and 42 more injured, as a result of explosions erupting in two B.C. sawmills. Although the investigations — by both the Crown and WorkSafeBC — are ongoing, combustible dust is […]

Lock into logistics

The ins and outs of efficiency — today! You may “love logistics,” as current UPS ads insist, but you may be lonely in your amour. In fact, according to Bob Armstrong, president of Armstrong Trade and Logistics Advisory Services (ATLAS) and president of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation North America, “I’m not sure if […]

Reader Survey Report 2012

This year’s Readers’ Survey was a huge success, but there is an elephant in the room, so let’s get rid of that first. We asked three questions about the Wood Manufacturing Council’s (WMC) support of our competitor, and we got a decisive response. We reported the results to the WMC and offered a week to […]

Comments by respondents to 2012 Reader Survey

Question: What do you like about Wood Industry, and you would like to see us retain? The editorials are the best. I like the practical, how-to articles about woodwork companies. Please keep on giving us your unbiased opinions; it is the reason why I read only your magazine. Don’t lose the originality of your editorials. […]

Let’s hear from the designers

Designers are not  decorators,  says Sally Mills, and if you don’t know that, you don’t know the law. According to Mills, “We are not interior decorators. We are extensively trained and registered to design space within a construction environment. People are sometimes unaware of the complexities involved in building something — anything. Not only do […]

Thinking outside the box

Finding new ways to close the skills gap How many times have we heard there is a skills shortage in the wood industry? There is plenty of work for the taking, but not enough taking by qualified job seekers. This is a structural problem that goes beyond our industry and pervades skilled trades across the […]

Missing the boat

NOBODY IS SPEAKING UP FOR CANADA’S WOOD MANUFACTURERS ON TRADE ISSUES The world is becoming an increasingly complex place, and the Canadian secondary wood sector is being left behind. That’s what our annual investigation into trade has revealed, and it’s unlikely that the challenges facing our industry on the international stage will go away anytime […]