Is ERP for me?

There comes a time in any manufacturer’s journey where the factory he or she gave birth to grows to become an unwieldy, out-of-control, tangled mess. Where it once was so easy for one person to know what inventory was in stock, who was working on what project and which customer had paid their bills, there […]

Oblivious: Designers must see the trees for the forest

I really like maple trees, but the tree that I’m the most familiar with is actually the most common tree in Canada, the Populus tremuloides, more commonly and (apparently) more properly known as the quaking aspen. We just called it the poplar. Why not? It was the most common tree, and why give it a […]

It’s never too early to incorporate

It is no secret that Canadians have been caught up in the start-up culture that has emerged across various industries. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s small business statistics, there are just over 1 million small businesses across the country, which employ approximately 8.2 million people that constitute 70.5 percent of private sector […]

When it comes to vacuum hold-down: Don’t suck

An often-overlooked aspect of digital manufacturing is how to hold down the material while performing the machining operation. Over the years and after talking to various manufacturers large and small at one end of the country or the other, everyone agrees that this small function is often the source of major frustration and can lead […]

Balance, for now

It was harder than I had anticipated. But that’s because I didn’t think it through. I wanted to visit a furniture factory in Cambodia, and that isn’t what the tour operators usually handle. I’m not sure they quite believed that was what I wanted. But I was stubborn and I prevailed. The facility that I […]

Small claims court

Going to court can be expensive. However, in some circumstances, a lower-cost option is available. The Small Claims Court is a branch of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that is designed to be a people’s court and a “court of equity.” It was created to increase access to justice by providing a more efficient, cost-effective, […]

Mindful museums

Where manual and fine art meet By Paul Epp I go to a lot of museums. I see it as professional development. I’m kind of in that business myself. I design things and I try to do a good job. Museums collect and display things that are done well and this sometimes includes my work, which is, of course, […]

Creative energy

As 2018 is just barely poking its head out on a cold January morning, there is no doubt that we are living in a technological revolution the likes of which humanity has never experienced before. Chances are that some form of technology was included as a gift in recent celebrations and if you are a […]

Big labour changes here

At this point, many of us have heard about the increases to the minimum wage that have taken effect across the province of Ontario. This change is part of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, also known as Bill 148, which is intended to update workplace laws across Ontario. Further, the increase to the minimum […]

Software success: production is not magic

New software can transform a business, increase productivity and improve the bottom line, all the while making the work of the team members easier — when it’s done right, of course. We all must come to grips and accept that woodworking is now a mix of computer science and artistry which requires us to learn […]