Figures of speech – let me design my own rules

I hate grammar. I really do. Just the mention of the word subjunctive puts me into a state of despair. I don’t want to know which is the predicate and which is the participle. Leave me alone. It is not that I am averse to the use of words and especially the effective use of […]

Ready for virtuous leadership. Hewers of wood

This was written in The Bible, about a both treacherous and captive people, (Joshua 9:21): Let them live; but let them be hewers of wood and drawers of water… Canadians have been referred to, and have referred to themselves, somewhat self-deprecatingly, for a long time, as hewers of wood and drawers of water. In part, […]

Termination clauses: Benefits matter

By Jeremy Warning The July 7, 2014 decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Miller v. ABM Canada Inc., 2014 ONSC 4062 (CanLII), provides a reminder for employers that termination clauses in employment contracts will be strictly construed by the courts. Because such clauses represent an agreement to contract out of an employee’s right […]

Practical and pretty, buttons to boulevards

They are dressed in camo colours: splotches of tan and green and various shades of brown, and they are lined up along the sidewalks as we flash by in the cab. But no, fortunately, they are not armed. They are not even soldiers, although they have the correct upright posture. They are trees: plane trees, […]

Constructive dismissal

Changing an employee’s job By Jeremy Warning   Kenneth Farwell was a long-serving employee of General Coach Canada – a name through which Citair, Inc. carried on business. At the relevant time, he had worked for the company for approximately 38 years and was 58-years-old. He also held the position of Operations Manager/Vice-President of Operations. […]

Old ways

Tradition can carry wisdom Design lessons are sometimes found in unlikely places and at unexpected times. All the good learning doesn’t happen in the classrooms. A very important experience occurred for me while I was a student, but not through a curricular lesson. As a non-funded student, I worked my way along, and, in 1970, […]

One by one in 3D

Industrial design’s need for speed There is an ideal, in industrial design (at least from a consideration of the production end of things), of achieving great efficiency. One ma-terial, one process. As an example, we take some material and hit it with a tool. Bang!  And we’re done. I have a small collection of metal […]

Is jail more likely?

­­Recent cases indicate new direction By Jeremy Warning Monetary penalties have been most commonly imposed on individ­u­als convicted of health and safety offences. That sentencing regime likely developed because regulatory offences are, generally, negligence-based offences rather than intent-based offences. However, some recent decisions suggest that a shift away from monetary penalties as the typical sanction […]

Trade shows

Why we bother I’ve begun to wonder how many hours I’ve spent walking the aisles of trade shows. I know it will be a big number. I started as a student and then eagerly continued on as a young professional. Eventually, I was one of the exhibitors too, and then I really got to know […]

Reprisal firings

When complaints are punished By Jeremy Warning and Cheryl A. Edwards On November 22, 2013, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (“the Board”) released its decision in the Ljuboja v. The Aim Group Inc. and General Motors of Canada Limited, (“AIM”). The Board has potentially signalled a new way to approach the concept of reprisal under […]