Nothing like face-to-face

For those of you that saw this month’s e-letter, you noticed our concern for the increasing rate of pressure being put on entrepreneurships by society and government. If you didn’t get the letter, you can sign up at It’s once a month, we don’t share your contact info and it gives us a chance […]

E-letter: Absolute grok

It’s beginning to look a lot like warfare…. Not bomb-and-gun warfare, to be sure, but warfare, nonetheless. For example, we elected Justin Trudeau in our quaint, non-voting-for-Justin Trudeau way; the Americans elected Donald Trump. If there are any similarities between the two, they are either very minor or I am missing something. Big-League. Last month […]

E-letter: Power of chaos

As a kid, I was hypnotized by the view down onto the tailrace of any hydro dam. There, in the heavily oxygenated water, you could see breath-taking power, boiling, seething…. From time to time a fish would come up. To my eyes, a leviathan. Who knows what monsters could lurk down there, where fishing was […]

Pause the panic button

On May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush stood on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and announced that the war in Iraq was “mission accomplished.” I noted at the time that the statement set off the media like a bunch of hyenas and the drums of disdain and attack started beating, […]

Why ask why?

Where would we be without the news? On Monday, for example, I learned that a world-renowned magician, David Blaine, famous for shooting himself in the face with a real rifle, made a slight error in Las Vegas last week, resulting in an ambulance ride and a news blast. Not to worry; he’s OK. Physically. But […]

E-letter: Listen to the quiet

Down here in the Credit River valley, we often feel as if we’re remote from the urban buzz, even though we’re only an hour from Toronto. We got our first significant snow Sunday night, and I recorded a brand-new yard bird Monday morning – a bald eagle. It has been an active week for raptors […]

The natives are restless

We have kind of a mish-mash today, so you can skip this if you want to. However, be warned, we will end up talking about girls with no panties, so turn the page at your own risk. First, we rarely “point” to pages in our issue, but this time there is a news item, “Native […]

E-letter: Odds on a positive direction

As you read this, our friends to the south are voting (finally). Should provide relief from their interminable cycle for a while. I’m guessing 40 days, 60 tops, and they’ll be back at it again. So, now that the American election is over and we don’t have a clue who’s the next president, let’s take […]

E-letter: Carbon grizzly footprint

It is interesting, lately, how people decide to support their ideas with what they saw recently in a movie. It’s as if the world of make-believe has become the world that is and should be. Take The Revenant, for example. It is described as an “epic, semi-biographical western film.” Semi-biographical? Folks will come away with […]


Do you recall the last time you spit in an employee’s face? It shouldn’t be hard, since the answer is certainly “never.” However, wiping spit off her face is the image Marketing magazine columnist Karen Howe leaves you with in her Sept. 12 column, “It’s time to stop coddling toxic bosses.” I am not interested […]