E-letter: What’s not to love?

So, here comes Valentine’s Day, and what’s not to love? Sure, the world’s politico-economic environment has more knots in it than one of my dry-fly backcasts on a windy day, but such things never change. I have mentioned before that I beat the Valentine’s Day Guilt Month 25 years ago with what I consider to […]

Something has to give

I got into an exchange recently with a friend of a friend, and he made the claim that Britain’s Opium Wars with China were between the Chinese and “British colonizers.” I’m not sure what he meant by “colonizers,” but to me colonizing means packing up your bags and moving, lock, stock and barrel, to a new […]

E-letter: Outsider trading

Despite last week’s convulsions in the stock market, I resolved to ignore stocks in this note. It’s all people are talking about. So I tried to figure a way to write around the issue, and I can’t. After all, there it is. So…. I like to manipulate the stock market. Everybody does. Several years ago, […]

Known by your work

So, that was another Woodworking Machinery and Supply Expo (WMS) show, and another year, both of which have food for serious thought — thought echoed in this year’s Readers’ Survey. To kick it off, an acquaintance of long standing dropped by our booth at WMS. I don’t want to identify him, so let’s just say […]

A tale of two parties

Before I get started on the media again, what would you say to crashing a party? I noted in a recent letter to the suppliers to our industry that a new energy seems to be evolving with your vendors. It has been growing over the past few years in Utah Februaries, based upon snow sports […]

The heart of a liberal

Like a flash, the election is over and we have turned from a Conservative government to a Liberal. I guess that’s my excuse for reminiscing about political journeys, for countries, for movements and for individuals. For example, we all voted for our choice of MP, but we both knew and were told we were voting […]

E-letter: Only a flesh wound

We are in an intensive news cycle. Between elections in both the U.S. and Canada, recreational mass murder in Oregon, a Russian invasion in Syria, the Pope, the markets and who-knows-what-all, the likely most far-reaching story of the last two weeks has been all-but buried. I am talking about the discovery of Volkswagen’s desertion from […]

Unions vs. Canada

By now, most of you know about the closing of Devlin, Ont.,-based Gingrich Woodcraft, following a vote by employees to unionize the shop last August 17. Union officials quoted in the media seem to want this to be a matter of law and faith. For example, Stephen Boon, national representative for Unifor, the involved union, […]

E-letter: Bogus results, real consequences

About two weeks ago, a very disturbing (to me) report moved on the New York Times. According to the story, a study by a bunch of psychologists showed that the results of the psychological studies they reviewed showed 60 percent of those studies could not be replicated. As you likely know, the scientific method demands that […]

Warning WMC

It is our understanding an entity claiming to be the “Wood Manufacturing Council” is looking to the industry for input. Please be aware that Wood Industry magazine and W. I. Media cannot confirm the validity of “Wood Manufacturing Council.” Industry Canada has disavowed any knowledge of “Wood Manufacturing Council.” Requests made by W. I. Media […]