Roll coating and laminating equipment

Black Bros. has announced the model 22D-875 roll coater. Standard sizes start at 44 in. and run to 74 in. wide. A heavy duty welded steel frame allows the machine to run continuously, the company says. The glue spreader uses an 8.75 in. coating roll.

Automated loader system for high volume gluing

The Alyx from Doucet is an automated loader system for high volume gluing applications, panel preparation and loading and unloading of the clamp carrier. The system is divided into several sections, including the MFE-150 lateral chain feeder that receives the slats and guides each piece through the glue application device, as well as a glue […]

Smoother, more even panel edges

New from Nordson is its EF 60 V Edge Filling and Edge Sealing Slot Applicator. It’s designed to help shops manufacturing furniture improve product quality while reducing their production costs. The EF 60 V produces smooth, even panel edges on less expensive, larger-particle boards. The applicator system creates a high-quality finished appearance. Also, it provides improved moisture protection and […]

In concert

Concert series temperature controllers from Nordson provide an easy and economical way to increase application flexibility and capacity of material melters. The controllers allow individual temperature control of up to six heating zones for each melter, enabling a single melter to serve multiple individual applications at the same time. The Concert temperature controllers use the […]

On the fast track

The 3M Fast Track Water Based Adhesive 1000NF is a new alternative to solvent-based adhesives that the company says will change the way furniture manufacturers work by offering strength and speed comparable to solvent-based adhesives while containing zero VOCs. Suitable for a wide variety of applications — including furniture manufacturing, mattress and upholstery manufacturing, and […]

It’s all in the mix

According to Franklin, its Advantage FJ-1 breaks ground as a one-part PVA (polyvinyl acetate) wood adhesive that passes the ASTM 5572-95 (2012) wet-use test for finger joints. This product is designed to provide high water resistance in a ready-to-use PVA product. PVA adhesives that achieve a similar level of water resistance for finger-jointing applications typically are […]

It’s all in the application

The AEC Automatic Glue Applicator from Doucet features a sequencer belt conveyor, which allows the operator to stage several parts in its bottom-feed reserve. This increases productivity by maintaining a constant flow of material through the glue applicator. Depending on the application, the belt can stop feeding between consecutive parts in order to create a […]

The right mix

Franklin Adhesives and Polymers is now offering the latest in mixing/dispensing systems that accurately combine and dispense Franklin’s two-component Advantage EPI adhesives. Although compact, this mixing system is claimed to offer all the features of a large machine. It eliminates direct handling of isocyanate and takes the guesswork out of adding the correct amount of […]