System adds space to corner cabinets

The Flex corner cabinet pull-out system from Vauth-Sagel is said to provide a variety of options for kitchen designers. Customers can choose between 900, 1,000 or 1,200 mm for the carcass and 450 to 600 mm for the doors. The corner cabinet minimum requirement is 480 mm, with 500 and 575 mm versions also available. […]

Drawer system has versatility

The InnoTech drawer system from Hettich provides moving compartments that swing out to the side to house small items. Technical details include: 2 drawer side-profile heights; 7 lengths; 4 rear panel heights; colours are silver, white, anthracite; side elements for front extensions in two heights, railings.

Variable angle lock miter construction

Keystone Wood Specialties’ lock miter construction is a solid, locked glue joint that can be specified in any angle from 90 to 140 degrees, and can be used for either inside or outside corners. Lock mitering allows stable construction of products such as lazy Susan doors, columns, pilasters and joined face frames.

Storage space for narrow larder cabinets

Vauth-Sagel has expanded its larder cabinet product line to include narrow VSA 300 and 400 versions. The VSA product family is based on 450-, 500- and 600-mm-wide pull-outs. These are available in six different basic heights and equipped with a further infinite-variability option. The maximum load is 75 kg, with each tray capable of holding […]

Pull-out shelf system

Salice has launched Shelf, the new runner for pull-out shelves which adds on to its line of concealed undermount runners. The product is said to be easily attached to the bottom of the cabinet. In the case of wide shelves, runners can be added to increase the weight capacity and more stability. Units are available in all […]

Corner cabinet shelving systems

Vauth-Sagel has created a new shelving line consisting of two models: Cornerstone and Cornerstone Maxx. Cornerstone is said to be an all-rounder with symmetrical shelves that are easy to fit — in some cases, not even tools are required. The second variant, Cornerstone Maxx, comes equipped with two asymmetrical shelves for more storage space. Capable […]

RFID access for cabinets, furniture and fixtures

Accuride International has introduced Senseon Secure Access, commercial-grade access control systems for cabinets, furniture and fixtures. Simply tapping an RFID card over a proximity reader unlocks the cabinet, enabling quick and easy access without compromising security, the company says. Every Senseon proximity reader can control up to 15 doors or drawers. The reader can be […]

Streamlined metal drawer system

Lineabox, the new metal drawer system from Salice, is said to be characterized by clean and simple lines and by a streamlined and sophisticated aesthetics. Uncluttered with holes or assembly components, it is available in three different heights and can be 4- and 3-sided in metal or also 2-sided with the drawer front and back […]

Cabinet boxes available in over 1,500 sizes

CabParts offers a line of over 1500 modular-sized cabinet boxes (plus custom sizing) for both residential or commercial installations. Users can choose materials, edgebands, cabinet box configuration and sizing. The boxes can be created out of any available sheet good materials. The company offers: thermo-fused melamines in a wide range of colors, patterns & wood […]

Undermount drilling guide

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced an installation solution for Blum Tandem undermount drawer slides – the JIG IT Undermount Drilling Guide. The guide turns a difficult installation into a quick, easy and repeatable process, Rockler says. To install Blum Tandem drawer slides, the underside of each drawer box must be drilled with six precisely-aligned […]