I prefer glazed

There’s a new glaze from Elias Woodwork. Its Ceruse Glaze accentuates wood grain, especially in quarter- and rift-cut oak, the company says. Ceruse creates a unique look that blends modern grey colours with a rustic touch of vanilla glaze in wood pores and grain. Doors are shown in red oak, quarter cut, select, natural stone stain, and […]

Soft-closing hinge

Grass’s new TEC Soft-Close face frame hinge has a dampener pre-mounted in the hinge cup. The hinge features a new adjustable switch to regulate closing action. Three-tiered adjustment allows for different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. Settings can be adjusted for consistent closing operation regardless of cabinet door size and weight. The hinge […]

Dovetail expansion

Elias Woodwork has expanded its line of drawer boxes with new dovetail drawers. They come prefinished and can be shipped ready to install or unassembled, the company says in a release. Elias has included a trash/recycling drawer box in the new line because these have become increasingly popular in kitchen design, says the company. Elias […]

Facing the hinges

Grass has a new TEC 863 108-degree, face mount hinge for face-frame cabinetry. It features three-tiered adjustment that provides different levels of resistance. The company says this makes closing action consistent regardless of cabinet-door size and weight. The TEC 863 comes in both self- and soft-close versions. Both models feature a cup drilling depth of […]

The ultimate finish cure

Sherwin-Williams has a new Ultra-Cure Waterborne UV Pigmented Blending System that the company says can help cut your production lead times down to as few as three days. The line of pigmented UV finishes is blended at five regional facilities across North America. Staff at each one have specialized expert training so they can provide […]

Right in the slot

At IWF in Atlanta, Nordson showcased its new EB 60 Flex slot applicator. The company says with this new applicator you can optimize your edgebanding material use and reduce material costs while turning out better-quality product. The EB 60 equalizes adhesive volume, and this eliminates the need to squeeze out air or adhesive during coating […]

Serving up new finishes

Panolam showcased its new Barista Collection of 16 neutral wood-grain and abstract visual finishes at IWF in Atlanta. The company says the new collection in its high-pressure laminate (HPL) line is designed to harmonize different colours, textures and shapes in interior designs. The Barista Collection gets its name from the urban coffee house environment, Panolam […]

Aged-look cabinetry

Four new aging techniques by Elias Woodwork can give kitchen cabinetry almost any kind of aged but elegant look. With Rub-Through, some corners and edges are sanded before and after the staining/painting process. The technique creates a slightly old to heavily used look. Antiquing involves more aggressive sanding on corners (before and after painting or […]

Added door designs

New mullion designs from Elias Woodwork allow for added creativity and can add an extra touch to any kitchen. With over 25 designs, mullions can be used to create any look, including Old World contemporary and beyond. All styles are also available in curved cabinet doors of any radius. To view, simply include the code […]

Concave cut-out

According to Vauth-Sagel, the flowing, organic shapes that have been featured in other living spaces are now making their way into the kitchen, too. This is where the Recorner Maxx comes in, which the company says is revolutionizing storage-space utilization in all corner cabinet variants, including base, wall and tall cabinets. Instead of using a […]