CNC solution for furniture and frame construction

Weinig has added to its Conturex CNC platform with a new system for furniture and frame construction called C 125 Vario Furniture. The new development is designed as a double-part system with special individual clamping technology. In keeping with this design, the system has parallel charging and unloading, which allows an output of 2 parts […]

Clamp for gluing panels

When used in conjunction with bar clamps, Larry’s Clamp helps to flatten boards when making glued up panels. Using two hands to hold and operate this air operated unit, fingers are safely out of the way when activating the clamp. Five hundred pounds of pressure ensures flat and even panels. Units are available in 18, […]

Clamps apply even, non-marring pressure

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced two new sizes of its Bandy Clamp work accessory. Large Bandy Clamps feature a jaw opening that will fit the edge of standard 2x lumber (2x4s, 2x6s, etc.), which makes them useful for edging thick tabletops, countertops and other projects involving thick stock, the company says. Small Bandy Clamps […]

Holding on

Magswitch has introduced what it says is a safer system for holding workpieces in place. The Magswitch MagJig 150 magnet attaches to any steel or cast-iron surface without the need to mount in tracks or slots. If your shop is small, this may be an ideal work-holding solution. Magswitch says these powerful magnets can replace […]

Set-up in minutes

General Tool and Instruments says its new Professional Face Frame Jig System lets woodworkers and cabinetmakers create a production set-up in minutes to fabricate cabinet face frames and doors quickly and precisely. The unique, patented system eliminates separate drilling and assembly. The jig aligns, clamps, bores and screws together frame and door components in a […]

Get a grip

With the FXP area gripper, vacuum specialist Schmalz is presenting a comprehensive machine with extra power. Users can pack, sort, palletize and de-palletize various materals — with just a single gripper. According to the company, a benchmark test has shown the FXP series of area grippers generates an average of 86-percent higher suction force than […]

Base-plates galore

Bessey has extended its Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp line from three to eight distinct configurations. This new offering now has five additional models, including three horizontal clamps in a more compact format — one of which has a horizontal base plate, one with a vertical base plate, and one with a 90-degree angled base plate. The […]

No curves allowed

Made in Canada, the D-series clamps from Damstom are designed to prevent the curvature of wood during the gluing process. These clamps also significantly minimize manipulation by using less tooling compared to conventional methods. Gluing time is reduced because of the clamps’ dual-function clamping ability. The D-series offers the user the opportunity to work with […]