CNC machine centre drills panel holes, inserts dowels

The creator 950 CNC machine centre from Felder is said to provide complete panel processing with an interior design of 7.3 sq. ft. in a variety of equipment options. Four-sided formatting is standard, with no vacuum pods and intuitive console positioning featured. The units are compliant with CE regulations and suitable for automation solutions in […]

Automated furniture production without programming

The Nextec software system from Weinig permits automated furniture production without programming. The system operates in tandem with the CabinetSelect database, whereby a click of the mouse is all that is required to select the desired piece of furniture. Create any piece of custom furniture by then simply adapting dimensions and quantities, the company says. […]

CNC machining centre features 5-axis routing

The profit H500 16.56 s-motion CNC machining centre from Felder features a 5-axis router spindle and a 12 kW liquid cooled motor. Woodflash software includes F4-Design 3D cabinet software for presentation, parts list and connection to the machine. Possibility of 5 axes processing with F4 Solid is powered by AlphaCam software. A dual circuit vacuum […]

All-in-one CNC machine for cabinet making

Optimus from Axyz International is a heavy-duty industrial CNC router combining a customized machine configuration, dedicated support and a range of specially designed machine options suitable for cabinetry or general woodworking. The router accommodates widths from 49.5 to 74.5 in. and lengths from 96 in. to 20 ft. A steel base and an 8 in. […]

Cut center simplifies cabinet construction without programming

The Cut Center by Thermwood from CNC Automation is a machine that looks a little like a CNC router but works totally differently. Instead of generating CNC programs that tell the machine how to move, it already knows how to move with pre-programmed recipes. It can make over 10,000 different cabinet configurations, and with the […]

Moulder system accommodates 7,000 rpm spindles

The Powermat 700 announced by Weinig can be equipped with the company’s 8,000 rpm Powerlock toolholders or conventional 7,000 rpm spindles. The system features 40 m (131 ft) per minute feed speed, user-friendly “Comfort Set” tool free setup, “Smart Touch” function for wireless connection between machine controls and tablet, and, photo and video functions built […]

Cabinet-making CNC machine tool for routing, drilling

Designed for the cabinet making and woodworking industry, the Optimus CNC machine tool from Axyz is said offer a customized configuration, dedicated support and a range of specially designed machine options to ensure a cabinetmaker’s or woodworker’s job is easier. The CNC machine handles widths from 49.5 to 74.5 in., lengths from 96 in. to 20 […]

CNC router developed for flexible operations

The Fusion XL series of CNC routers introduced by Komo Machine feature a moving table configuration and a spindle-mounted tool changer. Features include: four-pole, 18 hp, 24,000 rpm, HSK 63F, fan-cooled spindle; 15-position automatic tool changer with aggregate capability; air blast for dust/chip evacuation and cooling of the cutting tool; tuned Fanuc HVI servo system […]

Gantry multi-spindle CNC machine has 32-tool capacity

The Pegasus series CNC machine from Limtech Industries features three linear guide bearings installed per each guide rail on each X, Y and Z-axis, the same features and build spec as the company’s Orion series, but with a large frame format enabling the unit to be customizable with table size, spindle, tool changer and Z-stroke […]

CNC platform accepts variety of routers, spindles

The CNC Shark HD4 from Next Wave Automation with color pendant controller and auto alignment features a heavy duty gantry reinforced with plate aluminum and a rigid interlocking aluminum table. The CNC unit has anti-backlash, wear-compensated lead screws on all 3 axes and is built to handle 2-1/4 hp routers such as the Porter Cable […]