Adjustable right angle tooling head

The Flex 5 model from Benz is an adjustable right angle tooling head that allows the operator to set the desired output angle manually. In most cases, the company says, this is done before the aggregate head is inserted into the tool carousel of the CNC machine. In the past, it adds, if a customer […]

Compact CNC tackles more than wood

The CNC Piranha XL from Next Wave Automation is said to take its Piranha series one step closer to a full size CNC for the fraction of the price. The 12 x 24 in. table makes it suitable for projects like carvings, plaques, ornamental boxes and precision parts machined from wood, soft metals or plastics. […]

CNC router with automatic tool changer

The APEX3r CNC router from Multicam has an automatic tool changer for machining flexibility, and the all-steel tube frame, moving gantry design allows for machining of large parts while maintaining a small, space-saving footprint, the company says. Features include: 25 mm linear ball-bearing profile rails; EZ Control operator interface; three-axis motion control system; 12-MB memory; […]

CNC router has rigid frame construction

The compact M-Series CNC machine from C.R. Onsrud has rigid frame construction, and smooth, responsive drive mechanisms in the industry, the company says, as well as other features found on its bigger models. Units have factory provided: after hour emergency tech support; onsite machine installation and training; technical and applications support; and in-depth remote online […]

Machine produces cabinet door in two minutes

The Model 250 machine from Unique Machine & Tool has a 10 hp direct drive spindle, quick change turret and other features that make this model an improvement over its predecessor. It is said that one man can produce one door in two minutes with the machine. The unit is suitable for cabinet door manufacturing […]

Compact CNC machine for custom manufacturers

Vitap S.p.A. and Atlantic Machinery has announced the new version of the Point K2, a compact CNC machine that is designed for custom manufacturers and also for flexible, high-production environments. The unit is now available in a 1200 mm width and an upgraded version called the 1200 Top, which features three additional vertical independent spindles […]

CNC acoustic panel producer

Vitap S.p.A. has announced the 2016 Point Acoustic 1200, a new version of its CNC machine dedicated to the production of drilled acoustic panels. The sister machine, the Point Grooving, has also been redesigned to accommodate panels up to 1200 mm wide. Additional improvements include increased operational speed: 2200 x 8 mm holes in 4 […]

Compact CNC machine

Vitap S.p.A. and Atlantic Machinery Corp. has announced the new version of the Point K2, a compact CNC machine that is designed for custom manufacturers and also for flexible, high-production environments. The K2 is a revolutionary CNC working centre that allows for cutting, drilling, grooving, and routing operations. All of these processes can be achieved […]

CNC router calibrates tools automatically

The 7000 series of moving gantry design CNC routers from MultiCam can be configured with up to four independent Z axis carriages or with heavy duty spindles and drill banks for multifunction panel processing. Units are available in a broad range of table sizes and spindle configurations. The machines are said to be easily configured […]

CNC machine sports small footprint

The M-series small footprint CNC machine from C.R. Onsrud features rigid frame construction, smooth, responsive drive mechanisms and many of the features on bigger models. The series includes: 4-pole, reversible, 24,000 rpm high torque spindle; HSK-63F spindle taper and tool holders, with 1 in. (25 mm) collet capacity; over 10 in. of Z-axis clearance and […]