Expanding capabilities

Thermwood has added new capabilities to its Cut Ready Cut Center. You can now have custom products programed into the machine, with Thermwood’s new Special Products program. The company will install definitions for all your custom products, in all their variations. If you make office furniture, Thermwood has also added a line of office furniture […]

Easy parts identification

Parts labelling can be easier and more efficient with the InnoAgg Labelling Aggregate that’s new from C.R. Onsrud. The self-powered label printer has an HSK-63F tooling interface. It can be added to any of the CNC routers in C.R. Onsrud’s line. When it is not in use, the InnoAgg label printer can be stowed in […]

New series router

From C.R. Onsrud comes the new M-series CNC router. It replaces the Mate Series. The fast unit features all-steel construction. The M-series router has a 12 hp motor with a 24,000 rpm high-speed drill spindle; HSK-63F spindle taper and tool holders; and one-inch collet capacity. Z-axis clearance exceeds 10 inches. The Z-axis stroke is nine […]

For casket cutting

For wood-production shops serving the funeral industry, Doucet Machinery has introduced its new CSS Casket Side Saw and Router. It’s designed to cut sides or ends of caskets, including the top and bottom mouldings. Twin saw carriages are adjustable in relation to the saw’s center position. They’re powered by an electric motor with an encoder. […]

Finding the right router

General International has added two new CNC routers to its I-Carver line: the 40-925X 15-inch by 20-inch CNC carving machine; and the large 40-946 24-inch by 36-inch CNC carving machine. Both units come with General’s I-Picture and Artcam Express software, a pendant-style controller and a starter cutting tool kit. The 0.8-horsepower, 6,000-20,000 rpm motors feature […]

There is an app for cutting

Now there is even an app for choosing the right cutting tool, from Vortex Tool Company. All you have to do is enter the kind of material you are cutting, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the material thickness and the type of cut you need to make. Once you have done […]

Cutting-edge technology

Thermwood says it is revolutionizing the industry with its new Cut Ready Cut Center. The company says this new technology looks like a CNC router, but works intuitively with touch-screen operation. The machine can make cabinets, cabinet doors, doors, mouldings, furniture and much more. Cut Ready can make 20 million products that include 10,000 cabinet […]

Flat on the table

One of Better Vacuum Cup’s latest additions to its product offerings is a flat table cup, which measures 170 mm by 75 mm on top, with the same footprint on the bottom. This cup is to be used in the production of doors, drawers, or that other special project, and features the same holding power […]

Tackling corruption

According to Laguna, the results have been more stunning than the company could have imagined. For professional woodworkers, the days  of viruses, corrupted files, crashed hard drives and the unceasing headaches always associated with PC-based systems are a thing of the past. That’s because B&R Controllers have turned out to be a perfect match for […]

The software knows

KCD software is designed to make it easy to specify custom manufacturing and building methods within the software. The program’s advanced custom-building technology allows the user to globally change these specifications at the touch of a button — without having to go back into a design and modify each part separately. The software knows, so […]