Grip holders speed up tool changes

CNC Automation has announced the Hydrogrip Deluxe Kit with case, suitable for ISO30 spindles in Therwood machines. The kit includes a ½ in. and ¾ in. Hydro-Grip G2T holder, as well as a 3/8 in. and ¼ in. reduction sleeve. The holders are easy to use and make tool changes quick, the company says. They […]

Aggregate heads gain access to unusual machining angles

Benz aggregate heads and right angle heads are available in a number of single- and dual-spindle configurations. Aggregate head benefits include X-Line Gear technology to offer longer tool life, higher rigidity and accuracy, the company says. Standard (CAT, HSK, SK, BT) semi-standard and custom solutions are available. Custom angle heads are quoted according to individual […]

Tool selection guide app make calculations

A tool selection guide app for mobile devices has been introduced by Vortex Tool Company. Input the type of material being cut, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the thickness of material and the type of cut desired, and the guide will recommend the best tool for the application, the company says. […]

Router bits allow for multiple sharpening

Amana Tool router bits feature European sub-micrograin and micrograin carbide, thick enough for multiple sharpening. Different carbide grades for different materials and silver induction brazing for maximum carbide bonding strength are also featured. Bits are produced according to Holz-BG German standards for safety and quality. Bodies are manufactured in single clamping for what is said […]

Flooring cutter tooling heads

Charles G. G. Schmidt has added in-house machinery to be able to manufacture and offer tooling to manufacturers of flooring using HSK power lock machines. Tools can be made to their industry standard profile or a custom profile. These tool heads are designed to mount into the machine in seconds and make changing inserts quick […]

Tooling series includes roughers and chippers

Vortex Tool Company has announced Series 9000 tooling that includes roughers and chipbreakers. Series 9000 and 9100 three-flute low helix roughers are designed for high-feed rates on CNC routers and are used when surface finish is not important. Suitable for dense materials such as hardwoods and plywood, the Series 9000 roughing tools run quieter and […]

Adjustable right angle tooling head

The Flex 5 model from Benz is an adjustable right angle tooling head that allows the operator to set the desired output angle manually. In most cases, the company says, this is done before the aggregate head is inserted into the tool carousel of the CNC machine. In the past, it adds, if a customer […]

CNC tool grinder operates on CAD drawings

The Rondamat 1000 CNC from Weinig grinds and sharpens tools fully automatically. A CAD drawing created by the Moulder Master program provides the basis for producing accurate profiles on the moulder. The program links together the processes which take place prior to production. Errors are designed to be minimized, process security improved and consistent high […]

Hollow mortising chisels and bits

Charles G. G. Schmidt & Company has announced seven standard sizes plus two rectangular sizes of chisels and bits made from quality tool steels. Requiring less horsepower, the tools are said to produce extra clean cuts in hard and soft woods. A single flute design provides for efficient chip removal. Two sizes of rectangular mortising […]

App assists in cutting tool selection

Vortex Tool Company has developed a Tool Selection Guide App to simplify tool selection based on your cutting needs. Users input the type of material being cut, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the thickness of material and the type of cut desired, and the Tool Selection Guide App will recommend the […]