Cutting thin

The DSG 200 thin-cutting frame saw is another new unit from Wintersteiger. It cuts up to nine blocks per pass, and has a cutting height of 15-3/4 inches (400 mm). The DSG 200 features a heavy-duty, 22 kW main drive; up to 50 saw blades per saw frame; a servo-controlled precision feed; and a solid […]

Next-generation bandsaw

Wintersteiger says its new DSB Twinhead NG XM thin-cutting bandsaw is a whole new generation of machinery. It merges technology in the DSB Singlehead and the DSB Twinhead units to create a multiple-module, thin cutting bandsaw. The new DSB Twinhead NG is the perfect choice when you need high output and maximum flexibility, says Wintersteiger. […]

Ripping pallets

Freud says its new “coated” industrial Pallet Ripping Saw Blade is a market first. The new blade has a premium non-stick coating; four strobes instead of two; a thin-kerf option for less waste and more board yield; and deeper teeth. Four 10-inch, five 12-inch and two 14-inch models are available. Depending on the blade model, […]

There is an app for cutting

Now there is even an app for choosing the right cutting tool, from Vortex Tool Company. All you have to do is enter the kind of material you are cutting, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the material thickness and the type of cut you need to make. Once you have done […]

Cutting-edge technology

Thermwood says it is revolutionizing the industry with its new Cut Ready Cut Center. The company says this new technology looks like a CNC router, but works intuitively with touch-screen operation. The machine can make cabinets, cabinet doors, doors, mouldings, furniture and much more. Cut Ready can make 20 million products that include 10,000 cabinet […]

Sizing up panels

Freud launched new industrial panel-sizing saw blades for plywood and particle board at IWF. The new blades may help you reduce blade-replacement costs. Freud says its new Panel Sizing Saw Blade lasts up to twice as long as other blades currently on the market. There are two 14-inch models for particle board as well as one […]

Portable reel cutter

The RCS from Hendrick is designed for cutting reel stock. Fully portable with locking casters and a 50-inch power cable, the RCS can be brought into position in front of large, heavy reels of polycarbonate material for cross cutting to length. The RCS eliminates the need to move reels to existing fixed-position sawing machines, or […]

Better, stronger, faster

According to Vollmer, its Vpulse generator on the newly-designed QXD250 rotary erosion machine processes diamond-tipped tools 30 percent faster than previous machines. Finer surface finishes are also possible with this new technology. The QXD platform offers six CNC-controlled axes that operate simultaneously to produce optimum results on tools in a single setup. With this machine, […]

Ancient challenge, new solution

According to General Tools & Instruments, the majestic, elegant tradition of crown moulding dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and is more popular than ever today. The challenge for wood-industry workers has always been the accurate cutting to create seamless corner joints. Well, no more. The new E-Z Pro Crown King makes precise crown-moulding […]

A tip with depth, and carbide

Amana Tool has made available its carbide-tipped countersink with non-marring ball-bearing depth stop. This tool enables wood-industry workers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and deck builders to create pilot holes and varied-depth countersinks in a variety of materials — without causing burnout or other marks. According to Amana, its countersinks are the only in the industry […]