Ancient challenge, new solution

According to General Tools & Instruments, the majestic, elegant tradition of crown moulding dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and is more popular than ever today. The challenge for wood-industry workers has always been the accurate cutting to create seamless corner joints. Well, no more. The new E-Z Pro Crown King makes precise crown-moulding […]

A tip with depth, and carbide

Amana Tool has made available its carbide-tipped countersink with non-marring ball-bearing depth stop. This tool enables wood-industry workers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and deck builders to create pilot holes and varied-depth countersinks in a variety of materials — without causing burnout or other marks. According to Amana, its countersinks are the only in the industry […]

One or the other

Safranek Enterprises stands by its  two Her-Saf cutters: the single-flute insert tool and its two-flute brazed version. According to the company, both products performed well in a side-by-side comparison (pictured) in which cuts were made into German birch, melamine, plywood, acrylic, and pressed particle board. Both styles are available in oversized and undersized diameters. This […]

No premature changing

According to Irwin Tools, there is a common tool in every tradesman’s tool bag, the utility knife, which comes in various shapes and sizes and is used to cut a wide range of materials on the job. Irwin’s latest offerings of this invaluable tool are the FK100, FK150, and FK250, which all come with the […]

An aggressive geometry

The high-shear two-flute router bit from SGS is available in a right-hand spiral, right-hand cutting up-cut geometry, as well as a left-hand spiral, right-hand cutting down-cut geometry. This product is capable of machining wood, plastics and various non-ferrous materials. The router bit is also made of high performance and lab-certified raw material, and features an […]

It’s the system

Thanks to the P-System, says Leuco, applications previously considered impossible are now possible. What allows these tools to stand apart is their large shear angle of more than 55 degrees. Designed for stationary and through-feed processing, the P-System is suitable for zero joints, which requires the best cutting quality available. Developed initially from the company’s […]

Balance tool-holders

Schunk has introduced a new balancing machine, the Acuro Plus, designed to make the balancing of tool-holders easier in a smaller space. An adapter system with automatic clamping provides the same pulling forces as an actual machine spindle. A menu-driven system provides balancing operations for speeds up to 1,100 rpm through accepting input of desired […]

Noise-reduced hogging

The HeliPlan system from Leitz is a planer head constructed with the interface and cutter block in one piece (monolithic). The spiral arrangement of the cutting edges results in a “soft” contact, designed to provide decreased noise levels, and reduced cutting and feeding forces. The concave-ground cutting edges avoid tear-outs, so the tool can come […]

Insert router bits for MDF door production

Vortex stocks a wide variety of insert router bits for MDF door production .   For more information click: Vortex Tool Company Inc.

Change boring bits without tools

Boring bits with a shank diameter of 10 mm can be changed without tools using the one-part, quick-change adaptor developed by Leitz. The adaptor is suitable for through-feed and point-to-point boring machines as well as for CNC machining centres and most types of boring gears. The bit is fixed inthe chuck by exchanging the adjustment […]