Semi-automatic entry-level contour edgebander announced

Vitap S.p.A. and Atlantic Machinery have announced the Stellar, a semi-automatic entry-level contour edgebander. What sets the Stellar apart from other entry-level edgebanders, the companies say, is its movable support arm. The adjustable swivel arm is equipped with a vacuum pod that holds the panel in place, which allows for large panels to be edgebanded. […]

Edgebanding presses have multiple heating elements

The Mobil 2500 and 3000 series edgebanding presses from Hoffmann are designed to quickly and precisely attach solid wood edges to panels made of common sheet goods such as MDF, particleboard and plywood. Units are equipped with two heating elements and two (2500 series) or three (3000 series) pneumatic clamping stations. Each station features two […]

Laser edging technology for processing panels

The edgebander Lumina 1588 from Holz-Her offers a technology combination for processing panels. The GluJet glue application system for standard use of PUR glue and the Ltronic, the new laser edging unit are said to offer high speed and cost efficiency. Two cutter units include one corner buffing unit, as well as one free space […]

Laser edging equipment produces “invisible” joints

The Ltronic from Holz-Her has an NIR (near infrared radiation) module that activates the functional layer of laser edging using electronic controls. The result is said to be perfect, invisible joints resulting from matching the color of the panel surface to the specific edging. Users obtain a cost-effective alternative to laser and hot-air processes, applying […]

Metallic edgebanding

DC Distributing stocks a wide variety of colors and sizes in PVC edgebanding and wood veneers. Among the products offered is MKT Alpha-Tape edgebanding, which is ABS covered with metal foil to give the real metal look of aluminum or stainless steel. The tape is stocked in master rolls of 0.5 mm, along with 7/8-in. […]

Hand held edge bander

The Conturo edge bander announced by Festool allows users to apply edge banding on the job site as well as in the shop. The unit can complement an edge banding process by providing a way to work with radii, circular pieces, bevels and small pieces. The hand held edge bander includes dual speeds, and a […]

Edge bander system adds options

The Stefani Edge Bander Solution MD from SCM Group includes new devices and options, which are said to have been developed with a focus on perfect joint line and higher versatility of use, such as the new SGP glue pot (Smart Glue Pot) and the PU BOX L pre-melting unit. Finishing quality is also said […]

Edgebanding systems create invisible joints

The Lumina series from Weinig Holz-Her Canada Inc. offers a combination for processing panels: two systems for invisible joints. The Glu Jet application system for standard use of PUR glue and the Ltronic, the new laser edging unit from Holz-Her, which provides an integrated solution for processing laser edging. All current co-extruded and subsequently coated […]

Manual edgebander with glue pot

Casadei Busellato has introduced the ALA 10, a manual edgebander with an integrated glue pot. Advantages of the unit include the flexibility to edgeband virtually any type of panel, such as straight panels, shaped panels — concave and convex, and round panels. High flexibility tanks, interchangeable copiers and the front extension support allows work even […]

Edgebanding for zero glue-line

Doellken has developed edgebanding products that enable furniture and cabinet manufacturers to improve the strength and durability of their edge while virtually eliminating the traditional hot melt glue line.Fusion-Edge offers a factory pre-applied proprietary coating that is consistent and color coordinated with the edgebanding to ensure an invisible bond. The product is suitable for the […]