Edgebanding systems create invisible joints

The Lumina series from Weinig Holz-Her Canada Inc. offers a combination for processing panels: two systems for invisible joints. The Glu Jet application system for standard use of PUR glue and the Ltronic, the new laser edging unit from Holz-Her, which provides an integrated solution for processing laser edging. All current co-extruded and subsequently coated […]

Manual edgebander with glue pot

Casadei Busellato has introduced the ALA 10, a manual edgebander with an integrated glue pot. Advantages of the unit include the flexibility to edgeband virtually any type of panel, such as straight panels, shaped panels — concave and convex, and round panels. High flexibility tanks, interchangeable copiers and the front extension support allows work even […]

Edgebanding for zero glue-line

Doellken has developed edgebanding products that enable furniture and cabinet manufacturers to improve the strength and durability of their edge while virtually eliminating the traditional hot melt glue line.Fusion-Edge offers a factory pre-applied proprietary coating that is consistent and color coordinated with the edgebanding to ensure an invisible bond. The product is suitable for the […]

Have a vision

The new nVision Contour Edgebander from SNX Technologies is a powerful, versatile machine that’s easy to use and takes up a small footprint on the shop floor, the company says. It features a patented thin-blade guillotine that makes consistent mitred cuts to banding tape, allowing for tape overlap and almost-invisible seams. The nVision can accommodate […]

Bark up a new tree

Richelieu has added Buka Bark edgebanding made by Wilsonart to its product offerings. This thin, PVC edgebanding is just 0.018 inches thick and 7/8 inches wide. It has a matte finish, and comes in a roll of 600 linear feet. www.richelieu.com

 Perfect for small shops

Casadei Busellato has introduced the Flexa 27 RM6 Edgebander, designed for small and medium-size shops. It has a six-millimetre capacity. With an auto feed strip magazine, it’s configured to apply PVC and HPL/wood strips from 0.4 to three millimetres. An ergonomic PLC controller makes it easy for operators to change edgeband strip sizes. Pneumatic positioning […]

Raising the edge profile

Turkey’s Tece Dekor recently launched its new 2in1, a special two-tone PMMA edgebanding. The company says the product gives all furniture, from residential to restaurant to office pieces, a realistic depth effect. The 23-millimetre strips combine brushed aluminum with a six-millimetre, high-gloss colour line. A one-millimetre thick layer of translucent PMMA material on top of the […]

Banding the contours

Festool’s new Conturo Edgebander is a handheld tool that lets you easily apply edgebanding to curved surfaces and small pieces, but that can also be turned into an edgebanding station with an optional table. The Conturo uses hot melt glue pucks, and the glue system is thermally isolated so there’s no risk of burns from […]

Right in the slot

At IWF in Atlanta, Nordson showcased its new EB 60 Flex slot applicator. The company says with this new applicator you can optimize your edgebanding material use and reduce material costs while turning out better-quality product. The EB 60 equalizes adhesive volume, and this eliminates the need to squeeze out air or adhesive during coating […]

New gluing options

The Boss EB365 Edgebander is an automatic edgebander used for the application of edges of different materials in roll or strips. There are several configurations available. The touch-screen control is easy-to-use and quick to setup. This edgebander’s newest feature is a Quick Glue Melting Unit. The unit includes a pre-melt mechanism and a quick-change mechanism. […]