Machines process raw and painted panels

Excellent finishing results are said to be obtained when machining raw and painted panels due to the wide range of units (cross-belt, calibrating roller, sanding roller, super-finisher) that come with the DMC Eurosystem from SCM. Combining an aggressive roller with sensitive EPICS electronic sectional pad, the working width is 1350 mm, min/max working thickness (mobile […]

Machine for finishing sports four intelligent spray guns

Stiles Machinery has introduced the Makor Start-One M finishing machine. The unit is suitable for small- to medium-sized operations due to its efficient footprint and affordability, the company says. The unit features four intelligent spray guns connected to an oscillating arm that evenly coats workpieces as they make their way through the machine. The machine’s […]

Vertical panel-drying oven

The Omnidry vertical oven design from Cefla provides the capability for fully automatic management of piece height, while retaining all the characteristics of a standard Cefla vertical oven. It can carry out all 3 stages (flash off, drying and cooling), even for coatings that need longer drying times, while minimizing the use of floor space, […]

Paint colour of the year for 2017

Announced during the launch of AkzoNobel’s annual trends forecast (known as ColourFutures), Denim Drift is said to be the foundation for an inspirational palette of paint colors centered on the expected global social and design trends for the upcoming year. The forecast is said to be regarded as a vital resource for all those working […]

Panel preparation machine

Top and bottom brushing machine from Cefla Finishing offers thorough cleaning of panels prior to applying coatings. The Smartclean machine is said to feature easy controllability and high-output. Units can be configured for different types of production requirements. Inverter-driven brushes and conveyor are all independently controllable via touch-screen control. One single frame includes different units […]

Acid cured, clear post-catalyzed interiors topcoat

Canfast light is an acid cured, clear post-catalyzed topcoat from Canlak recommended for a wide variety of interior woodwork. The product has non-yellowing properties, excellent clarity and dries quickly, the company says. The series can be used over any of its vinyl or post-catalyzed sealers. The topcoat can also be used as a self-seal system […]

Spray painting control kit

The Cyclomix Micro Fluid Management Kit from Sames Kremlin is for spray painting controls that provide inbound fluid pressure for both catalyst and base materials. Fluid regulators are said to make it easy to adjust pressure for precise ratio control. Airmix or low pressure (LP) regulator kits are available with or without filters. The kit is […]

One-component, VOC-compliant coatings system

M.L. Campbell has announced waterborne pre-catalyzed Agualente Plus, a one-component, VOC-compliant coatings system based on advanced resin technology that is said to provide a hard, durable, stain-resistant finish for interior wood surfaces. The system consists of a sealer, primer and clear topcoats with a wide range of sheens suitable for cabinets, furniture, display fixtures and […]

Primer offers high performance waterborne characteristics

Sherwin-Williams, through its Product Finishes Division, has announced Sher-Wood 5421W Universal Primer, a waterborne acrylic that is said to meet the growing need of woodworkers for a single component alternative to catalyzed solvent-based wood primers. It can be used as a drop-in replacement of many solvent or waterborne primers in finishing systems where higher VOC […]

Matte material for cabinet doors

A matte material for vertical and horizontal applications, Fenix NTM from Northern Contours features nanotechnology with enhanced physical properties that include thermal healing of micro scratches. The material is suitable for a number of interior design environments including kitchen and bath, home organization, retail, healthcare and hospitality. Benefits also include anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial properties, soft […]