CNC tool grinder operates on CAD drawings

The Rondamat 1000 CNC from Weinig grinds and sharpens tools fully automatically. A CAD drawing created by the Moulder Master program provides the basis for producing accurate profiles on the moulder. The program links together the processes which take place prior to production. Errors are designed to be minimized, process security improved and consistent high […]

Profile grinder makes moulder knives safely, automatically

Colonial Saw has announced the UT.MA P20 CNC — what it calls the world’s first CNC profile grinder for manufacturing or regrinding profile tools. It is also a complementary finishing machine for those who rough grind with a waterjet. Moulding and millwork companies can use the machine to grind custom knives in the original heads […]

It’s high-profile

The new P20 CNC is the world’s first CNC profile grinder, from Colonial Saw. Colonial says this is a fast, powerful grinder that requires no templates. The machine accurately rough-grinds from blank knife to finished profile, right from DXF CAD drawings. Features a 10 hp grinding motor with variable speed control. Colonial sans the P20 […]

Where success starts

For Wintersteiger, economic success with thin-cutting frame saws requires superbly sharpened saw blades. Therefore, the success of a wood shop starts in the sharpening room. That’s where the Micro Grinder HT comes in, which is part of the company’s saw service for DSG frame saw blades. The HT is an inexpensive entry model for thin-cutting […]