Clipped short

Sugatsune has this new addition to its Fastmount panel mounting system line. The PC-01 Self-Tapping Clip Set is made up of the new PC-M1A self-tapping male panel clip and the new PC-F1 self-tapping female panel clip. The PC-F1 fits into a 16-millimetre hole. The curved hook side of the PC-M1A nests inside the PC-F1; the […]

Securing cabinets

If your shop’s making cabinetry or fixtures for commercial clients, you may want to take a look at Accuride’s new Senseon Secure Access control system. It uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Tapping an RFID card over a proximity reader unlocks the cabinet. Senseon Secure is designed specifically for commercial applications. Each reader can control […]

Soft-closing hinge

Grass’s new TEC Soft-Close face frame hinge has a dampener pre-mounted in the hinge cup. The hinge features a new adjustable switch to regulate closing action. Three-tiered adjustment allows for different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. Settings can be adjusted for consistent closing operation regardless of cabinet door size and weight. The hinge […]

Snug and accessible

Hailo says the OrgaBridge finally allows users to fully utilize the space in higher, front-panel drawers without having to stack drawers or tins on top of each other — while still retaining an overview of the drawer’s contents. OrgaBridge is designed so that nothing slides around upon opening and closing the drawer, and all items […]

Adding to the mix

The RAS-ML-HDCR series is a heavy-duty chrome mixer lift from Rev-A-Shelf that features an alignment bracket that assists in side-to-side stabilization. According to the company, this mixer adds to an already innovative design that makes it a must-have for any kitchen, whether for the occasional home cook or the professional chef. Other features of this […]

Backed into a corner

Vauth-Sagel says its slide corner is an excellent example of contemporary storage-space design. Available in versions for base and tall cabinets, the slide corner enables comfortable access to cabinet contents — even in difficult-to-use kitchen corners. The individual shelves can be easily fitted above each other and are height adjustable when first installed. Even four […]

It’s the adjustments

The Tec soft-close from Grass is a face-frame hinge with the soft-close damper pre-mounted in the hinge cup. Sleek in design, this Tec soft-close features a new adjustable switch to regulate the closing action. A three-tiered adjustment provides different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. The setting can be adjusted so that the closing […]

The dual-function Duo

Häfele’s Duo is a dual-function lid/flap stay for horizontal doors that installs with tool-free clip mounting. The Duo’s brake grips instantly without sagging, and the stay has weight capacities of up to 18 pounds, which makes it easier to match the correct stay to the lid or flap material. The available 6 kg and 8 […]

Exotic hardware

Du Verre Hardware says its co-founder, c.e.o. and creative director, Gina Lubin, has once again demonstrated the depth of her artistic talent with the creation of the Rio collection. Rio achieves an exotic look that is enhanced with an interwoven pattern of random lines and arches that give each piece an interesting texture. With no […]

Through a prism

The new ArciTech drawer system from Hettich has been developed to give kitchen and drawer manufacturers the capability of creating desired drawers for different segments and various consumers’ needs. The company believes the systems sets new standards by providing incredibly smooth running action and high stability. The Actro runner provides running smoothness, stability and soft […]