Compact lift system hardware for furniture and cabinets

The Wind lift system from Salice is characterized by compactness and elegant design said to provide smooth and controlled movement. Wind is suitable for kitchen cabinets, office furniture, small cabinets, living room furniture or bedrooms. The completely mechanical system is also characterized by a fast tool-free assembly to the door and the cabinet. Units are […]

Hinges allow doors to be flush-mounted

The model HES3D-70 hinges from Sugatsune allows installing hinged door flush with the wall, resulting in a seamless look. A cover hides all screw heads, creating a clean appearance. Available finishes are dull nickel, black and dull chrome. Door weight of 9 kg requires 2 pieces, while a door weight of 12 kg requires 3 […]

Soft-closing hinge

Grass’s new TEC Soft-Close face frame hinge has a dampener pre-mounted in the hinge cup. The hinge features a new adjustable switch to regulate closing action. Three-tiered adjustment allows for different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. Settings can be adjusted for consistent closing operation regardless of cabinet door size and weight. The hinge […]

It’s the adjustments

The Tec soft-close from Grass is a face-frame hinge with the soft-close damper pre-mounted in the hinge cup. Sleek in design, this Tec soft-close features a new adjustable switch to regulate the closing action. A three-tiered adjustment provides different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. The setting can be adjusted so that the closing […]

A tip of the hinge

The convenience of extra sink-front storage has been added to the luxury of silence with Rev-A-Shelf’s easy-to-install soft-close tip-out hinge — designed for use with all four of the company’s tip-out trays. This hinge’s unique soft-close piston eliminates slamming, and the 50-degree opening allows for complete accessibility to items stored within. This product is capable […]

Turn-off switch

Blum Canada has launched its Compact Blumotion concealed-face frame hinges with integrated Blumotion. These hinges feature several new benefits, such as a deactivation switch for small or light doors, and an overload safety feature to protect the hinge from damage if the door is slammed shut. Compact Blumotion hinges have the same drilling pattern as […]