Screw designed for solid wood applications

The Wood-Maxx woodworking screw is engineered for manufacturers of solid-wood furniture and kitchen cabinets. It features a deep, square, recessed socket for what is said to be optimum driver bit penetration and performance. The specially-designed cutting thread combined with a T17 cutter eliminates the need for pre-drilling into most species of wood and composite materials, […]

Joiner integrates stable, detachable, connectors

Festool has announced a new generation of Domino Connectors that will allow builders and end-users to create, build, set-up and knock-down large, custom constructed pieces using a hex wrench. The new Domino XL Connectors can create flat or corner joints providing simple and quick connections without the need for templates or complex measuring, the company […]

Biscuit joiner driven by vertical mechanical drive

The Zeta P2 joiner machine for the P-System from Colonial Saw has been introduced. The P-System depth adjuster allows users to easily choose between five P-System depths. The cutter plunges into the preset depth, then follows a vertical movement up and down for the profile cut called the VMD Vertical Mechanical Drive, which can be […]

Composite fasteners are metal-free

Senco has introduced composite staples and nails for customers that require blade-friendly, non-rusting, metal free fasteners. Manufactured with a blend of polymer resin and fiberglass, these composite staples and nails can be used where metal staples and nails cannot due to moisture or metal detector use. They are also suitable for applications where sanding belts, […]

Veneer finger joint cutting and joining machine

The ZIZU veneer finger joint cutting and joining machine from Kuper provides the possibility of using lengthened veneers. The different models of the machine allow production of veneer edgebanding material in rolls, profile-wrapping veneers even for extremely difficult profile radiuses and forms, fixed veneer lengths for wall or ceiling panels, and fixed lengths in rolls […]

Undermount drilling guide

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced an installation solution for Blum Tandem undermount drawer slides – the JIG IT Undermount Drilling Guide. The guide turns a difficult installation into a quick, easy and repeatable process, Rockler says. To install Blum Tandem drawer slides, the underside of each drawer box must be drilled with six precisely-aligned […]

Speed splicing champion

At Ligna 2015 in Hanover, Germany, Kuper showcased its new ACR Speedstar Cross-feed Splicer. It’s designed for butt-joining veneer strips from 0.25 to 1.2 mm thick and 60 mm wide. Kuper says the ACR Speedstar is a completely new concept and design in veneer-splicing technology. It can process veneers glued with PVAC- or urea-based glues. […]

Boring, but good

If you’re making frameless cabinetry, the R823VH 23-Spindle Horizontal/Vertical Borer from Ritter Manufacturing may be worth looking at. It’s designed for boring dowel holes in both upper and lower cabinetry as well as drawer boxes. It can also be set up as a single-row line drill for boring drawer-slide and hinge-mounting holes. This compact unit […]

Make your case

The R-505 Case Clamp from Ritter Manufacturing is designed for production of dowelled construction cabinetry. Its solid platens eliminate the need for adjusting clamping pressure points. With a 3 hp, electronic motor drive, platens traverse rapidly. Push-button control platens are 30 by 96 inches. Workpiece capacity is 50 by 96 by 30 inches. An ideal unit […]

Designed for first-timers

Felder’s new AD741 Jointer Planer is designed to be an entry-level machine for your shop. It features a planing width of 16 inches, and planing heights from 1/8 inch to nine inches. Can be configured with a 5.5, 7.5 or 10.5 hp motor and an available two- or four-inch cutter block. Both configurations provide fast, […]