Automatic loader added to optimizing saw

TigerStop has announced the addition of AutoLoader, an automatic infeed station for the TigerSaw 1000, its fully automated cross-cutting saw system. With the infeed station, an operator can load five pieces at a time, reducing manual material handling time and increasing operator capacity for performing value-added tasks, such as sorting finished parts. The loader can […]

Yet more ripping

American Lumber Company has expanded its hardwood ripping services to produce ripped-to-width strips that are ideal for manufacturers across multiple industries, including cabinetry, furniture, moulding and flooring. The benefits of these expanded services include increased yield and reduced cost. With the expansion of the program to two facilities — one in Smyrna, N.Y., and the […]

A ripping affair

Baillie Lumber has expanded its ripping capabilities to allow for higher volumes of full-to-width, custom-ripped strips — for a full range of species lines, grades, thicknesses and lengths. Manufacturers across the wood industry, from cabinetry to flooring, can realize the benefit of these ripped-to-width strips to increase yield and production while decreasing waste. With the […]