Ten-inch heavy duty worm drive table saw

Skilsaw has introduced a 10-inch heavy duty table saw with worm drive power train for maximum torque, and a patented Dual-Field motor that runs cool, the company says. The table saw features a 3-5/8-in. depth of cut that is said to rip through sheet goods and cross cuts 4x with ease and accuracy, as well […]

Clear polyurethane topcoat provides good build, levelling

The Sirca 6OPU77S15G topcoat from Katilac Coatings is a general purpose clear polyurethane that is characterized by a good build and levelling. Specifications include: 47 percent weight solids and 44 percent volume solids; 20 in. viscosity Zahn 4 at 20oC; 12 hours to stack; 10, 30, 40, 50 and 80 degree sheens; 50 percent catalyzation […]

Automated loader system for high volume gluing

The Alyx from Doucet is an automated loader system for high volume gluing applications, panel preparation and loading and unloading of the clamp carrier. The system is divided into several sections, including the MFE-150 lateral chain feeder that receives the slats and guides each piece through the glue application device, as well as a glue […]

Entry-level spray booth features four intelligent spray guns

Stiles Machinery has introduced the Makor Start-One M spray booth with intelligent controls and fully-automated trolley systems. Featuring four intelligent spray guns connected to an oscillating arm for even coating applications, the unit has a patent pending design for consistent, high quality coating applications, the company says. Workpieces are transported through the spray machine using […]

Wide belt sander with cutterblock planing head

The finish 1352 modular and 1353 modular wide belt sanders from Felder are offered as either as a 2 or 3 belt machine. The free aggregate configuration option enables the optimal adaption to requirements that ensures maximum efficiency and maximum time saving, the company says. A cutterblock planer head with 1350 mm processing width positioned […]

Full face respirator hoods provide comfort, safety

The vision 2000 full face respirator hood from Sata protects the face, hair and neck from over spray. It is also suitable for persons wearing glasses and persons with short beards or mustaches. Fresh air is supplied steadily through a silencer to the hood without drafts. The air supply has a variable adjustment according to […]

Sliding table saw provides low vibration levels

The Altendorf F45 from Akhurst has a redesigned machine frame that is said to combine unprecedented torsion resistance with extremely low levels of vibration. The smooth-running sliding table remains the benchmark for precision cutting with minimal maintenance, the company adds. Users can decide what features the unit will have, including the choice of a wide […]

Sliding door systems provide all-round dampening

The Slido sliding door fitting systems from Hafele incorporate sliding doors made from wood, glass or with an aluminum frame. The modular systems have now been enhanced with all-round fluid dampening, the company says. Choices of a soft closing mechanism, soft opening mechanism, soft close for the centre door and collision dampening, and also the […]

Touch release drawer slides rated up to 100 lb

The 3832E Enhanced Touch Release from Accuride holds drawers or pull-out shelves in a closed position until activated by touch, eliminating the need for knobs or pulls, the company says. The slide is said to provide better movement and has an added face frame hole. Specifications include a load rating of 100 lb, a half-inch […]

Finishing technology for surface coating

In the partnership with Makor, Homag has announced the GSF 100 series of spray machines. This machine can be used as both a stand-alone spray machine or as part of a larger finishing line. The series is said to be among the most compact automatic spraying machines in its class – and is used for […]