Manual airless spray gun and package

Sames Kremlin has introduced the SFlow 275 and 450 manual airless spray guns and packages. Ergonomically designed, the SFlow is very easy to use, the company says, and its 590 g mass reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity. The spray gun has been designed to help make working conditions easier for painters in the field, […]

Entry-level spray booth features four intelligent spray guns

Stiles Machinery has introduced the Makor Start-One M spray booth with intelligent controls and fully-automated trolley systems. Featuring four intelligent spray guns connected to an oscillating arm for even coating applications, the unit has a patent pending design for consistent, high quality coating applications, the company says. Workpieces are transported through the spray machine using […]

Full face respirator hoods provide comfort, safety

The vision 2000 full face respirator hood from Sata protects the face, hair and neck from over spray. It is also suitable for persons wearing glasses and persons with short beards or mustaches. Fresh air is supplied steadily through a silencer to the hood without drafts. The air supply has a variable adjustment according to […]

Finishing technology for surface coating

In the partnership with Makor, Homag has announced the GSF 100 series of spray machines. This machine can be used as both a stand-alone spray machine or as part of a larger finishing line. The series is said to be among the most compact automatic spraying machines in its class – and is used for […]

Machine for finishing sports four intelligent spray guns

Stiles Machinery has introduced the Makor Start-One M finishing machine. The unit is suitable for small- to medium-sized operations due to its efficient footprint and affordability, the company says. The unit features four intelligent spray guns connected to an oscillating arm that evenly coats workpieces as they make their way through the machine. The machine’s […]

Vertical panel-drying oven

The Omnidry vertical oven design from Cefla provides the capability for fully automatic management of piece height, while retaining all the characteristics of a standard Cefla vertical oven. It can carry out all 3 stages (flash off, drying and cooling), even for coatings that need longer drying times, while minimizing the use of floor space, […]

Paint colour of the year for 2017

Announced during the launch of AkzoNobel’s annual trends forecast (known as ColourFutures), Denim Drift is said to be the foundation for an inspirational palette of paint colors centered on the expected global social and design trends for the upcoming year. The forecast is said to be regarded as a vital resource for all those working […]

Spray painting control kit

The Cyclomix Micro Fluid Management Kit from Sames Kremlin is for spray painting controls that provide inbound fluid pressure for both catalyst and base materials. Fluid regulators are said to make it easy to adjust pressure for precise ratio control. Airmix or low pressure (LP) regulator kits are available with or without filters. The kit is […]