Panel preparation machine

Top and bottom brushing machine from Cefla Finishing offers thorough cleaning of panels prior to applying coatings. The Smartclean machine is said to feature easy controllability and high-output. Units can be configured for different types of production requirements. Inverter-driven brushes and conveyor are all independently controllable via touch-screen control. One single frame includes different units […]

Laminate slab doors introduced in nine feature colours

Popular straight lines and a smooth, simple look are said to be easy to achieve with the Elias Woodwork line of Laminate one-piece slab style doors. The company’s machinery is also said to ensure a virtually invisible transition from the edge-band to the face of the door. There are nine colours reflecting current design trends […]

Distressed look cabinet fronts and doors

WalzCraft says its TexGrain distressing adds a rustic, weathered look and rich texture to custom doors, drawer fronts and cabinet components. This look is achieved by running a wire brush over the products surface to remove some of the soft fibres and create a rich texture. The look is available on a variety of wood […]

Lightweight panels replace solid materials

Thinklightweight Corp. provides a product range of lightweight panel products that replace solid materials in the architectural wood market. There are six panel technology options to meet various market and product demands: Foam Light; 3/8in. Comb Light; Light Tack; 1/8 in. Comb Light; 1/8 in. Luxa Light; and, Structa Light. Some examples of lightweight products […]

CNC acoustic panel producer

Vitap S.p.A. has announced the 2016 Point Acoustic 1200, a new version of its CNC machine dedicated to the production of drilled acoustic panels. The sister machine, the Point Grooving, has also been redesigned to accommodate panels up to 1200 mm wide. Additional improvements include increased operational speed: 2200 x 8 mm holes in 4 […]

Designed for big CNC jobs

One of Holz-Her’s newest CNC machine is the five-axis Multirex 7125 Flex. It’s built for a wide variety of demanding jobs such as cutting panel materials and solid wood. Machining length is 5.4 metres. With this length capacity, it handles even large door components easily, says Holz-her. Y-axis lengths are 1.4 or 1.6 metres. The 7125 has a […]

Take it outside

The Revolution line of outdoor panels from Richelieu is designed for use by the woodworker, cabinetmaker, kitchen specialist and furniture maker. Revolution is made of polymer resin, which is able to withstand great variations in temperature, is colour-fade resistant, and can be cut  and assembled like wood — allowing for the creation of outdoor furniture […]

Diversity in panelling

Outwater’s line of decorative MDF screening panels now come in a variety of new designs and lower pricing. Intended to add a fresh and stylish flair to any type of panelling application, Outwater’s MDF screening panels are ideally suited for diversified use by furniture and cabinet manufacturers, woodworkers and builders. The panels can be used […]

One man’s waste …

Kirei’s new recycled-millwork panel collection illustrates the phrase: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That’s because the Pacific Coastal Collection of redwood and blue-pine panels are built using falloff from flooring or casework manufacturing, as well as waste wood from beetle-killed pine trees across western North America. Blue Pine EG (pictured) is salvaged from […]

Climbing the walls

Richelieu offers an array of decorative panels to enhance interior spaces, such as FormArt (pictured) decorative panels, Sibu high-quality decorative surfaces, Dekodur high-pressure laminate, brick and stone and many more. These panels emulate the shape, patterns and textures of various materials and create bold focal points for elegant wall cladding. These decorative panels are part […]