Automatic sanding machine for wood, veneer and lacquer

The KSN series from Weber is a redesigned automatic sanding machine for wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding for artisans and industry. Up to 4 sanding stations allow for different machining variations. All the sanding and brushing stations can be installed in any order, to suit requirements. Due to the angled corner positioning, the […]

Cordless sander offers same functionality as corded version

Balanced by an ergonomic battery the DTSC 400 cordless sander from Festool provides the same functionality of its corded counterpart but with hybrid power options —it can be used cordless or corded. The 18-volt Ergo battery provides up to 30 minutes of runtime at full power. Work virtually dust-free with Jetstream dust extraction technology, the […]

Compact wide belt sander provides four sanding units

The MFA Impression series wide belt sander from Akhurst is said to be a compact, rigidly structured machine design that can take up to four calibration, cross and longitudinal sanding units and disk brush units (RUT) as well as additional brush units. The modular machine permits the choice of belt access and operator side, providing […]

Wood sanding machine covers widths up to 63 inches

The Weber KSF is a 2 to 3 shift per day wood sanding machine available in 3 widths up to 63 in. It can be equipped with up to 8 machining stations with the arrangement of the sanding stations varied as needed. Modular construction allows reconfiguration of sanding stations at a later date. Used for […]

Wide belt sander with cutterblock planing head

The finish 1352 modular and 1353 modular wide belt sanders from Felder are offered as either as a 2 or 3 belt machine. The free aggregate configuration option enables the optimal adaption to requirements that ensures maximum efficiency and maximum time saving, the company says. A cutterblock planer head with 1350 mm processing width positioned […]

Wide-belt sanders with super aggregate

Wide belt sanders from Felder, Format-4 “finish” 1352 and 1353 modular, can be equipped with different units such as contact-bars module, cutterblock planing head, sanding cushion unit or structuring brush. A new cutterblock planer aggregate with 1350 mm processing width on the machine in-feed side is optional. Sanding height ranges from 3 to 170 mm, […]

Single brush sanding machines

SuperBrush single brush machine sanders from SuperMax Tools have a number of benefits when compared to hand finishing, the company says, including faster output, reduced rework and greater surface consistency. Applications include scuff sanding, primer sanding, base coat sanding, straight-lining, graining, decorative finishing, deburring, radius edges, polishing, buffing, cleaning and oxidation removal. Machine features include […]

Sanding machine capable of two shift operations

The KSF sanding machine introduced by Weber America is suitable for two to three shifts per day. Available working widths are 43, 53 and 63 in. (1100, 1350 and 1600 mm). The modular constructed units can be fitted with 1 to 4 sanding heads and can be equipped with up to 8 machining stations with […]

Corner and edge finish sander

The DTS 400 corner and edge finish sander from Festool is designed for fine sanding small, angular surfaces that are difficult to reach. With a 5/64 in. (2 mm) stroke, the 2.4 lb sander is suitable for working on vertical and overhead surfaces. Step-less variable speed improves working results and the vibration-stop balancing makes work […]

Widebelt planer/sanders

The Newman Machine Co. PST4000 series widebelt planer/sander has been designed to provide increased production volume and increased width requirements in heavy workload environments. Features include: air tensioned and tracked abrasive belts; safety door interlocks; endless conveyor belt; ac variable speed conveyor drive; color touch screen operator interface; digital thickness indicator for bed position; quick […]