Sharp and to the point

At the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, cutting tool manufacturer NAP Gladu showcased its new panel saw blades. They are designed for cutting single sheets or stacks of medium-density fibreboard, particleboard, plywood and similar materials. Blades feature high-grade carbide cutting tips and triple chip-ground teeth. The teeth have a positive hook angle that provides excellent […]

Sizing things up

Leitz has developed the VectorCut panel-sizing saw blades with an intelligent tooth-and-gullet geometry for sizing single panels and panels in stacks. The tooth shape remains constant from the first cut to the last. The abrasive area of the saw tooth is reduced by 50 percent, providing a significant improvement in material collection. These panel-sizing saw blades […]

A trim here and there

The redesigned Precision Trim saw blades from DeWalt are ideal for cutting mouldings, staircases, cabinets, windows, flooring, hand railings, as well as additional crosscutting and ripping applications in premium materials. This blade delivers accurate and smooth cuts with minimum splintering. For optimal accuracy, DeWalt designed Precision Trim with a thin kerf, laser cut, hardened steel […]

Sink one’s teeth into

Delta has introduced its premium line of scroll-saw blades — under the Super Sharps sub-brand. These blades are made of high-carbon spring steel, which provides longevity and performance. The blades also feature teeth that are set to both sides, with a raker tooth inserted to ensure optimum tracking — with no drifting — for more […]