Next-generation bandsaw

Wintersteiger says its new DSB Twinhead NG XM thin-cutting bandsaw is a whole new generation of machinery. It merges technology in the DSB Singlehead and the DSB Twinhead units to create a multiple-module, thin cutting bandsaw. The new DSB Twinhead NG is the perfect choice when you need high output and maximum flexibility, says Wintersteiger. […]

Ripping pallets

Freud says its new “coated” industrial Pallet Ripping Saw Blade is a market first. The new blade has a premium non-stick coating; four strobes instead of two; a thin-kerf option for less waste and more board yield; and deeper teeth. Four 10-inch, five 12-inch and two 14-inch models are available. Depending on the blade model, […]

Cutting-edge technology

Thermwood says it is revolutionizing the industry with its new Cut Ready Cut Center. The company says this new technology looks like a CNC router, but works intuitively with touch-screen operation. The machine can make cabinets, cabinet doors, doors, mouldings, furniture and much more. Cut Ready can make 20 million products that include 10,000 cabinet […]

Already wired in

According to Powermatic, cabinetmakers, woodworkers, remodellers, and do-it-yourselfers in the market for a new saw may want to take a good look at the company’s latest gold-standard addition: the PM1000 table saw, which is an evolution from the superior line of PM2000 and PM3000 table saws. The PM1000 offers many of the same features and […]

Fill her up

Wintersteiger has expanded its product range to include what it calls the perfect combination: wood-surface repairs and thin-cutting saws. The semi- and fully-automatic timber repair and cosmetics (TRC) systems allow for a surface to be repaired in just one filling procedure, regardless of the system user’s skill levels. This feature significantly reduces rejected items while […]

Straight and true

The Carvex Jigsaw from Festool allows users to tackle the most demanding of applications. It features multiple base plates for cutting wood, wood-like materials, plastics and metals — adapting to the most challenging of tasks. The PS 420 version of this jigsaw is precise with its automatic blade guidance, stroboscopic lights, and zero-clearance splinter guard […]

An ambitious track saw

Festool says its TS 55 REQ sets a whole new standard for track saws. With its accuracy and versatility, a good comparison for this saw isn’t other track saws, but advanced table saws, mitre saws and panel saws. Add in its advanced portability and ease-of-use, the TS 55 REQ makes for a high-precision cutting solution […]