Custom product configurator

Configrr has introduced a web product/pricing configurator for small- and medium-sized wood products manufacturers. The online configurator overcomes the complex pricing model problem of selling online, the company says. The configurator is said to save hours in sales and quoting, and reduces data entry errors. Customers coming to the manufacturer’s site enter their own product […]

CAM software speeds CNC milling operations

Mastercam 2017 CAM software has been released by CNC Software. The software features a new ribbon interface and is said to make it easier to find the functions that users need to complete tasks. The application’s Dynamic Motion technology can slash machine time by as much as 75 percent or more, the company says. And, […]

Automated push feed saw station reduces scrap

The TigerSaw 1000 from TigerStop is an automated push feed saw station for cutting faster and more accurately than manual methods. It increases yield, accuracy and productivity at the best value point in the industry, the company says. The unit comes with an adjustable cutting envelope so users can set the envelope to the needed […]

Custom cabinet manufacturing software

Agile Shop technology from KCD Software is said to provide a fast and easy design process with thousands of parametric custom options, 2D and 3D graphics, and optimized mobile touchscreen features such as integrated image capture with handwritten notes to streamline jobs. Built-in lean manufacturing options include direct to CNC manufacturing, Cabinotch or Cut List, […]

Cut pattern optimization software

BlueCell Version 1.1 cut pattern optimization software from Eurosoft has a number of features to increase shop productivity. These include a drag and drop pattern editor, grain formations function to keep multiple parts (drawer fronts, doors) together in the optimization process, “continuous production” with hierarchical priorities for parts, and part families to produce part orders […]

All-in-one software for cabinets, doors

Cabinet Pro software is an application for both the small cabinet shop and the large manufacturer of cabinets, entertainment centres, doors, desks and closets. The platform produces detailed shop and finished drawings, floor plans, elevations, 3D perspectives, unlimited user-defined cultists, material reports, door reports, bidding, financial charts and reports, and panel optimization. The company says […]

Woodworking business software

Prime6400 V4.7.4 is the software platform developed by Prime Estimating & Software Services that integrates the estimating process of a woodworking business into its overall operational efficiency. The software is designed to incorporate the feel of pencil and paper, the way estimating used to be done, in order to maximize project, material and shop management […]

Design software options

Delcam has launched the latest versions of its ArtCam software for the design and manufacture of signs, furniture and other wood-industry products. ArtCam Express is for new users to CNC machining. Extending the functionality of ArtCam Express, ArtCam Insignia features an expanded toolkit specifically for repeat designs in a production environment and introduces some 3D […]

Design with touch

In minutes, KCD Touch software for cabinet and closet makers allows users to capture site details and design right on a tablet. According to the company, this is the first and only tablet software with this kind of ground-breaking power, building technology and portability. From a kitchen to a home office, from an entertainment centre […]

The software knows

KCD software is designed to make it easy to specify custom manufacturing and building methods within the software. The program’s advanced custom-building technology allows the user to globally change these specifications at the touch of a button — without having to go back into a design and modify each part separately. The software knows, so […]