Automatic tool changers expand CNC router options

Axyz has introduced two automatic changer options (ATC) with capacity for either 10 or 14 tool stations. Additionally, its existing 7 and 21 station units were upgraded with improved mechanics and drive motors. The 10G unit fits in the same housing as the 7G system and the 14G unit fits in the 21G system. Interchangeable […]

Industry reference manual for tooling introduced

The Leitz Lexicon Edition 7 industry resource manual is now available in both print and PDF versions. The book is used by manufacturers to maximize the efficiency, productivity and longevity of their tools, according to Leitz. Edition 7, the latest version, features a new layout and user-friendly structure with each product category in a compact […]

Router base alleviates dust concerns

The Stacc-Vac router base from Betterley Tools has a 7 x 11 in. base and outboard knob, a main base machined from ½ in. aluminum and an integrated vacuum system and adjustable dust deflector to capture over 95 percent of dust generated in most typical routing applications. The router base works on a variety of […]

Composite fasteners are metal-free

Senco has introduced composite staples and nails for customers that require blade-friendly, non-rusting, metal free fasteners. Manufactured with a blend of polymer resin and fiberglass, these composite staples and nails can be used where metal staples and nails cannot due to moisture or metal detector use. They are also suitable for applications where sanding belts, […]

Box levels in magnetic or non-magnetic models

The new e75 series True Blue box levels from Empire are available in both magnetic and non-magnetic, and are 40 percent stronger and 20 percent lighter than competitive products, the company says. The all-metal aluminum frame box levels are said to eliminate common level frame deformations seen during harsh jobsite use. The precision milled edges […]

26 screwdrivers in one tool

LiftUp 26one magazine bit holder from Wiha contains thirteen double bits, offering 26 of the most common drive profiles in one single tool. It is possible to select, remove, and return bits at the touch of a button. The design is based on its predecessors from the Wiha LiftUp series from 2014, with a magazine […]

Sharpening kit for turners and carvers

DMT Diamond Machining Technology has announced its new Sharpener Kit for Turners and Carvers. Driven by customer demand, the kit provides craftspeople with a practical and convenient combination of diamond sharpening products for curved and small edges. The kit for comes in a carrying pouch that can be hung from a peg board or folded for drawer storage, and features four continuous diamond surface sharpening products in […]

Hex right angle impact driver

Milwaukee Tool has expanded its M12 lithium-ion system with the introduction of the M12 ¼ in. hex right angle impact driver. The 12 V right angle impact driver features a 1.4 in. (3.6 cm) head diameter and driving speed of 2,425 rpm. Featuring a Milwaukee designed impact mechanism, the new tool delivers 600 in. lb […]

Laser-etched squares

Empire Level has introduced Hi-Vis Laser Etched products to its Squareline. The line will include a 7 in. (17.8 cm) and 12 in. (30.5 cm) Hi-Vis Laser Etched Rafter Squares (e2994 & e3992), and a 16 x 24 in. (40.6 x 61 cm) Hi-Vis Laser Etched Framing Square (e1190). Each square features permanent laser etched […]

Up stroke, down stroke

General International’s new 75-010 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press is designed for easy, complete control of both down-stroke depth and upstroke travel. It’s equipped with an easy-to-adjust dual depth stop. The press has a 9-1/2-inch square work table. The spindle speed ranges from 500 to 3,000 rpm, and there’s a digital speed display. The chuck […]