Cutting it both ways

Festool calls its new Vecturo Oscillating Multi-Tool “the ultimate in versatility.” A wide variety of blades and the tool’s variable speed mean the Vecturo can easily cut, scrape or score virtually any material. Oscillating frequency is 10,000 to 18,500 opm. Amplitude is four degrees (two degrees left, two degrees right). Festool says the Vecturo makes accurate, […]

Fast wood floor manufacturing

Doucet Machineries’ new EzyPac 200 fully automated floor nesting station can easily handle the most labour-intensive tasks in wood floor manufacturing, the company says. It picks and places approximately 25 boards per minute. Each station handles one grade of wood. Up to nine rows can be formed simultaneously. EzyPac 200 features include a three-axis linear […]

More accurate miter-saw cutting

Tigerstop says its new SawGear with Double MiterPro adds CNC accuracy when you are cutting boards to length with chop saws and double miter saws. The kit enables fast, easy and accurate changing of finished-part lengths. It eliminates manual moving of stops, Tigerstop says. SawGear is customized for major brands and models of double miter […]

Pulling out with a three-count

Irwin Tools has launched a new line of extractors that can help with the frustration of bolts and screws that get damaged when you’re ripping out an old kitchen or installing a new custom one. The company says removing damaged screws and small bolts with a single bit is easy using its new SCREW-GRIP Impact […]

There is an app for cutting

Now there is even an app for choosing the right cutting tool, from Vortex Tool Company. All you have to do is enter the kind of material you are cutting, the horsepower of the CNC machine, the tool diameter, the material thickness and the type of cut you need to make. Once you have done […]

Cutting-edge technology

Thermwood says it is revolutionizing the industry with its new Cut Ready Cut Center. The company says this new technology looks like a CNC router, but works intuitively with touch-screen operation. The machine can make cabinets, cabinet doors, doors, mouldings, furniture and much more. Cut Ready can make 20 million products that include 10,000 cabinet […]

From three years to 30 seconds

Nova says it has done it again. The company’s R&D department has spent the last three years developing the Infinity Quick Change Chuck System, which is designed to speed up a shop’s productivity. This system features a sophisticated range of high-technology chucks, upgrades and accessories, offering a quick change of jaws that delivers very fast […]


The Fastback II Utility Knife from Milwaukee is a direct reflection of jobsite research and requests to include blade storage for added convenience. Designed to activate the blade three times faster than a two-handed opening, the Fastback II features a press-and-flip one-handed blade opening. In addition, a tool-free blade change allows for fast and efficient […]

Six lives

Leitz describes its VariPlan Plus, an adaptation of the Variplan planerhead, as a quality leap in planing soft and hard wood. Using RipTec knife technology for pre-planing or integrating with smooth knives, Variplan is designed to increase the smoothness of rustic and even difficult-to-machine woods. It does all this while decreasing the prevalence of chipping. […]

Change without effort

Benz has introduced a new aggregate to help control small nested parts on flat table routers.  The DH100 incorporates a large eight-inch pressure pad that puts anywhere from nine to 16 pounds of pressure down on the parts and helps keep them secure until cutting is finished.  A 2.75-inch tool opening allows for large-diameter cutters, […]