Six lives

Leitz describes its VariPlan Plus, an adaptation of the Variplan planerhead, as a quality leap in planing soft and hard wood. Using RipTec knife technology for pre-planing or integrating with smooth knives, Variplan is designed to increase the smoothness of rustic and even difficult-to-machine woods. It does all this while decreasing the prevalence of chipping. […]

Change without effort

Benz has introduced a new aggregate to help control small nested parts on flat table routers.  The DH100 incorporates a large eight-inch pressure pad that puts anywhere from nine to 16 pounds of pressure down on the parts and helps keep them secure until cutting is finished.  A 2.75-inch tool opening allows for large-diameter cutters, […]

Take some edge off

Roundover & Beading Bits from CMT Orange feature a popular profile for taking the edge off a sharp corner or, if partnered with a cove bit, can create a drop-leaf table or other intricate project. These bits are equipped with two carbide-tipped cutting edges, anti-kickback design, heat-treated shank and body for durability. A 3/8-inch bearing […]

Walk and chew gum

Cyclone is BC Saw & Tool’s new line of dust-extracting tool holders that create suction as the tool spins. This draws dust toward existing extraction systems while keeping the cut significantly cleaner than using the tool alone. According to the company, this reduction in dust improves the air quality for the operator and reduces downtime […]

Evolving a bit, or more

The Wave Cutter bit from Fisch is considered the company’s newest evolution in the product category. For the same price as Fisch’s previous bit line, Wave Cutter offers an optimized cutting edge and better geometry. Also among the product’s enhanced features are: the allowing for the exact running of a drill, lesser friction during the […]

Some chisels and bits

Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co. has added Mortising Chisels & Bits to its product line. These tools cut clean and square mortises in both hardwoods and softwoods. The sharp-cutting edges result in using less horsepower. These chisels and bits are available in seven standard sizes — including 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8inch and 1/2 inch […]