Mastering mass customization

Every kitchen is the same — and different — so how does a cabinet maker profitably satisfy fickle, trend-loving consumers? Easy — through mastering mass customization where production can be accurately repeated while creating new dimensions almost every time. That is the challenge for Miralis, a mid- to high-end kitchen cabinet manufacturer from Quebec’s Lower […]

Time Lasting Craftsmanship

Like salmon fighting upstream in the rivers of British Columbia, one shop in Vancouver is bucking the flow of cheap, mass-market products into Lower Mainland homes. By creating hand-crafted furniture and cabinetry with highly skilled craftsmen, TLC Design Inc. is producing the polar opposite of big box store product. Owner Joe Edwards explains his philosophy, […]

Solid accomplishment

Profile: Brenlo Custom Mouldings, Mississauga, Ont. As noted in this issue’s “From the Editor” department, there is a feeling in the industry that the glory days of solid wood are over. The labour-assisted killing of Quebec’s Shermag group of solid-wood manufacturing sites is often held up as an example. But then, the old Shermag group […]

Colclo Custom Woodworking, Markham, Ont.

Seeing history through a window   Every once in a while Brent Colclough gets sentimental, and, when he looks down at the shop floor through the window of his upstairs office, he sees his child self standing over a belt sander — the same one that still stands, though now disused, pretty much where it […]

Enns Cabinetry, St. Catharines, Ont.

Craftsmanship and all that goes with it is in Art Enns’s blood. “My grandfather was a cabinetmaker but I never knew him,” he says almost matter-of-factly, as his father, George, 86, finishes turning a Christmas ornament on an old General International lathe in a room off the main shop of Enns Cabinetry in St. Catharines, […]

Irpinia Kitchens, Richmond Hill, Ont.

From Avellino with love: No substitute for passion By Kerry Knudsen The last time I profiled Ontario’s Irpinia Kitchens was in 1998 or 1999. While we rarely repeat profiles, I have wondered what happened with Irpinia during the U.S. crisis years of 2008/2009, since Irpinia’s market before 2000 was 90 percent exports to the U.S. The […]

Success comes cold-calling

There’s a line in a song by the legendary Maritimes singer/songwriter, Stan Rogers, about an Alberta rodeo-star-turned-rancher-being-cattle-rustled that goes, “Forty-four’s no age to start again.” But that’s exactly what Gary Litwin did when he started Union Square Vintage Wood Co. in Montreal. A dynamo who thrives on the unknown, Litwin laughs, “I had no idea […]

Profile: Cutler Group

Jonathan Glick is on a constant high. “This is the best period of my career. It’s the most fun I’ve had,” he says from behind a desk covered in neatly arranged paperwork he still has to attend to. “I’m sad to leave at the end of the day, but I’m happy to get home to […]

Lovech MDF Doors and Custom Products

It is December—that time of year when the Toronto Maple Leafs traditionally start to tank heading into the second half of the hockey season. But Emile Pironkov doesn’t care that his beloved team hasn’t been a contender since 1967. That was long before his time, anyway. There’s a huge Maple Leafs emblem hanging high on […]

Andex Kitchens and Custom Woodworking

Chris Moura talks so passionately, proudly and astutely about how he has built his kitchen cabinetry and custom woodworking business, you would never know that he never really intended to get into the industry for a living. He is, you see, a master electrician by trade. “I had just gotten my licence and my father […]