Kraemer Woodcraft, St. Jacobs, Ont.

Built on Trust and Change If you enter “Canada’s heritage” into Google, you will get back over seven million “hits,” or results. None of them appear to “get it.” The first return is for the Canadian government’s Heritage Canada program for magazines. This is where millions of tax dollars are given to magazines that have […]

Talon Millwork, Beamsville, Ont.

Done right, every time If you’re an architectural millworker, this has already happened to you. You got underbid on an important job — a school, a clinic or an office — only to be called months later because your competitor has not completed the job as agreed. Plywood has been replaced with particle board, agreed-upon […]

Family builds prosperity

As if the palm trees and razor wire weren’t enough to remind us we weren’t in Canada anymore, the pistol on the hip of the bellhop did it. Life is not easy in Honduras. There are, however, some paths to prosperity, and Flavio Ali Yacub Tellez found one in wood when he started Muebles Ali […]

Jong Design, Toronto, Ont.

Wong likes to combine disparate materials in his designs, bringing the various characteristics into sharp relief. Design or bust Jong Design brings an immovable commitment to creative design to custom furniture-making Lawrence Wong is an artist first. He grew up in Hong Kong watching his grandfather, a furniture-maker, and his father, a woodworking instructor, build furniture […]

Profile: Accuwrap

Watch ‘em bro’; I’ve got your  back Component producer finds a market against heavy competition Accuwrap did not enter the market in the best of times. The company incorporated in 1988, just in time for the recession of the early ‘90s, as a project of three brothers. The oldest, Lorenzo, left the company in 1992, […]