Third-party circulation validation

The importance of third-party circulation validation cannot be overstated. Circulation is one of the only hard-data, empirical evidence verifications advertisers can get. Wrongfully manipulating the numbers for the purpose of inflating the actual numbers of the market served is often viewed as fraud, with recent sentences in the U.S. including jail time and fines. Canadian […]

Three reasons

In the case of Blum’s “choice” to advertise in a competitor, the competitor’s breadth of market reach can be reviewed through its third-party circulation audit. In that case, it is clear the competitor has had serious irregularities in its reporting. Those irregularities are reported, in part, here. Since these are third-party audit reports, and the […]

Architectural clamping

If your shop produces architectural wood components, the new R1206P Architectural Door and Window Clamp unit from Ritter Manufacturing may be worth looking at. It’s designed to make door and window joinery fast and easy. The R1206P has 20, four-inch bore pneumatic clamps that provide high clamping pressure in selected areas. Thin materials can be […]

Winging it

Festool has a new product you may find helpful when you’re marking layout lines on walls for cabinetry, or need to support trim mouldings during installations. The company says its CT Wings are ideal for additional support when you’re installing long items or using a level or long straight-edge to mark layout lines. The CT […]

E-letter: Competition and consequences

The news broke on 60 Minutes March 1 that Lumber Liquidators is suspected of selling engineered wood flooring with unsafe levels of formaldehyde from three Chinese mills. You can click on the link to see the story in the Financial Post if you are interested. Our links are tested and safe. So are Lumber Liquidators’ […]

New finishes

Yorktowne has added a new door and two new finishes to its kitchen cabinetry line. The company says its new Dixon door is a balance of traditional and transitional styling. It is available in cherry or maple. The door frame and raised center panel are both solid wood. The new Cappuccino and Peppercorn finishes were developed […]

Cutting it both ways

Festool calls its new Vecturo Oscillating Multi-Tool “the ultimate in versatility.” A wide variety of blades and the tool’s variable speed mean the Vecturo can easily cut, scrape or score virtually any material. Oscillating frequency is 10,000 to 18,500 opm. Amplitude is four degrees (two degrees left, two degrees right). Festool says the Vecturo makes accurate, […]

Making a move to Homag

On Jan. 1, Brett Reid joined Homag Canada as the company’s product manager, solid wood. Previously, he was with NAP Gladu (now part of Techniks Corp.) as national sales manager for Canada. Prior to that role, Reid was vice-president and general manager of B.C. Saw and Tool (also now part of Techniks) for 14 years. […]

Cyber attack shuts down CMA website

The Milwaukee, Wisc.-based Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) has temporarily shut down its website. The site was hacked early Sunday morning (Jan. 18). The CMA says it decided to shut down its website so visitors would not have their computers infected with viruses or unwanted programs resulting from the cyber attack. The CMA has hired a […]

E-letter: It’s a matter of law

I imagine most of us are justified in being irked at The Law. Shakespeare was, when he famously had his character Dick the Butcher say, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Farther back in history, Luke 11:52 says, “Woe unto you, lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. […]