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Use only as directed

Tooling safety When things are tough, you cut extravagant spending out of your operation. However, common sense is always needed to maintain a safe working environment. Everyone talks safety, but the reality is we all get complacent as we get more familiar with a task. In selling cutting tools, we rarely get asked about the […]

What a difference a day makes…

Time out for talking By Ken Wong It is always encouraging, especially in these tough times, to see sparks of enthusiasm and optimism in the face of greater competition and a looming economic decline. Manufacturers are facing even tougher challenges and are questioning what the future holds for companies and their employees. Therefore, seeing manufacturers […]

Tiny component, big cost saving potential

Wood screws We all are looking for cost reductions. These cost-reduction projects don’t have to be always the big ones. Improvement projects can be found in many different areas. The one area I would like to review today is miscellaneous hardware: the nuts, bolts and screws. Simplification and standardization is the target. This time we […]

Letter from Wood Manufacturing Council chair Gary Williams to Wood Industry

Please click here to see a PDF of the letter.  Thank you.

Ensuring new workers have desired skills

Prior learning   Building upon the recent successful completion of its first prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) project, the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) is undertaking a new initiative in this very important area. The new project, entitled “Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for the Advanced Wood Manufacturing Sector – Phase II”, will respond to […]