One-person abodes most common by 2036

CMHC-2036The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has updated its long-term household growth projections to reflect Statistics Canada’s latest population projections and data on household formation.

By 2036, between 2.3 million and 6.1 million new households are projected to be formed in Canada.

The number of households in Canada is projected to increase continually in all scenarios, but at a slower pace than previously projected, reflecting lower expected population growth.

The median age of household maintainers is projected to continue to increase, from 50.9 in 2011 to between 54.7 and 56.2 by 2036.

The share of senior households is projected to grow to over one-third by 2036. More than half of senior households is expected to be 75+.

One-person households will be the most common type of households by 2036.

The average annual growth for owner households is projected to be some five times that for renter households.

Single-detached houses continue to be the most common dwelling type.

Household growth rates vary across Canada, with generally strong household growth on the prairies, and more moderate growth elsewhere.


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