Router base alleviates dust concerns

BetterleyToolsThe Stacc-Vac router base from Betterley Tools has a 7 x 11 in. base and outboard knob, a main base machined from ½ in. aluminum and an integrated vacuum system and adjustable dust deflector to capture over 95 percent of dust generated in most typical routing applications.

The router base works on a variety of materials, such as solid surface material, solid lumber, particle board, MDF, plywood and plastics. It also mounts directly to many popular routers and allows use of template guides with optional sub-base.

The unit shields the user from flying debris and the exposed cutting bit. It is suitable for most applications, such as edge profiles, straight cutters, rabbet cuts, dado cuts and grooving cuts, as well as accepts bits up to 3 ½ in. diameter with optional sub-base.