Sharpening kit for turners and carvers

DMT sharpening kitDMT Diamond Machining Technology has announced its new Sharpener Kit for Turners and Carvers. Driven by customer demand, the kit provides craftspeople with a practical and convenient combination of diamond sharpening products for curved and small edges. The kit for comes in a carrying pouch that can be hung from a peg board or folded for drawer storage, and features four continuous diamond surface sharpening products in Fine grit (600 mesh, 25 micron): 1 large honing cone (8-in. long, 0.75 to 1.125 in. diameter, half-round); 1 medium honing cone (6-in. long, 0.375 to 0.75 in. diameter, half-round); 1 small honing cone with a handle (4-in. long, 0.125 to 0.375 in. diameter, round); and, 1 credit card sized sharpener (3.25 x 2 in. pocket sharpener in a vinyl sleeve).