2017 Reader Survey: Social media gets an “F”

Thank you to all of those who took part in our 2017 Reader Survey.

We loaded up on social media questions to gauge your level of participation on these digital platforms. Judging from the feedback, responses showed a large degree of ambivalence.

While most of you do have a social media account for your businesses, a whopping 37 percent do not. For those that do partake, Facebook tops the list at 83 percent, followed by LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

We like that you value original content, our specialty, to the tune of 94 percent. Only 32 percent agree that social media actually delivers that.

Perhaps one of our most provocative questions dealt with whistleblowers, that is, “How often have you had trouble with employees posting negative material about your company on social media?” While over 75 percent said this was never an issue, there were enough that indicated “rarely” and “occasionally,” that it might be wise to search on the web for company “mentions” now and then.

So is there a sound business case for you to be active on social media? To our question, “When you look at engagement metrics, are you confident that the audience comprises your customer base?”, two-thirds said “No.” Of course, it may depend on which wood industry segment you live in, but most of you aren’t seeing value in this digital arena.

Outside of social media, one of the biggest issues of concern is still skilled workers, just like in our previous survey two years ago. Over 71 percent of you are experiencing difficulty finding the right people.

And to the question, “Do you trust Wood Industry magazine?”, we are heartened by the 83 percent positive response. We will continue working hard to deserve that trust.


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