Speed splicing champion

Crossfees Veneer Splicer KUPER ACR 3200 - Product - LIGNA HANNOVAt Ligna 2015 in Hanover, Germany, Kuper showcased its new ACR Speedstar Cross-feed Splicer. It’s designed for butt-joining veneer strips from 0.25 to 1.2 mm thick and 60 mm wide. Kuper says the ACR Speedstar is a completely new concept and design in veneer-splicing technology. It can process veneers glued with PVAC- or urea-based glues. Splices parallel cut and preglued veneers to required sizes. Only one operator is needed — the ACR Speedstar automatically aligns and positions veneer strips. Sensitive working friction shafts pull veneer strips tightly together, and they’re spliced within a very narrow heating zone.


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