Pure gold

Unbelievable. That was 2020. Gone, it seems, in a flash, leaving behind wreckage and smoldering ruins across the political, economic, social and spiritual landscape, and the sordid and outrageous attitudes of...

E-letter: Our good neighbour

A favourite Canadian axiom is, “When America sneezes, Canada gets the flu.” In this case, not only has America sneezed, it has caught Covid, AIDS, leprosy and genital warts while rioting...

E-letter: You be the judge

Let’s have a chat about child pornography. Why not? We have never had any evidence that kids watch this space, so we are safe. Quebec Justice Marc-Andre Blanchard this month ruled that...

Expertise: The real thing

Between now and next issue, we will be sending out our annual “Readers’ Survey.” This time, we will ask whether you have ever hired a business consultant. We all know the...

E-letter: Don’t just stand there …

We got some sobering news last week from Coverings, the flooring side of our publishing company. We typically get 40 or 50 “returns” by Canada Post for any issue of Coverings,...


When more is not better: adhesive crosslinking

FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY WHAT HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY would be complete without first citing a definition of the topic at hand? “Fishing: to understand the art...

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  • Paul Murray on E-letter: You be the judge: “Keep up the good work Kerry! Someone to needs to voice these points. Are you considering a publication dedicated to…Oct 14, 12:28
  • Laurie Koblun on E-letter: You be the judge: “I agreed with your articleOct 13, 09:44
  • Kerry Knudsen on Those darned South Asians: “Hi Laurie, Every civilized nation on earth has a freedom-of-expression document of some sort. There is a reason for this.…Aug 17, 07:00
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Hi Guy, I posted a comment, above, about catching politicians stealing is not, seemingly, very hard. Making them stop seems…Aug 17, 06:44
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Most of my neighbours are business owners. Some of us were talking over the weekend. It was beautiful here in…Aug 17, 06:39
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Good points. I am certain the import duties on China, stresses over Hong Kong, the TikTok and Huawei controversies, the…Aug 17, 06:35
  • Laurie Koblun on Those darned South Asians: “Thank you for standing up to the ridiculous ideas of a few. I’m so tired of any political person assuming…Aug 13, 16:45
  • Doug Carl on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Great editorial today. Thank you for your work, or should I say “words”, which is work in your case! Business…Aug 12, 08:56
  • Barbara Spyropoulos on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Ah, Kerry, you have a habit of reading my mind. The problem with our wooly-headed politicians and our journalists-turned-opinion writers…Aug 12, 08:54
  • Guy Lussier on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Thanks Kerry for this letter . You are right. People have to wake up and look at what is going…Aug 12, 08:52
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “Hi Gil, You’re not going to believe this, but I was just on the phone with our art director, and…Aug 12, 08:33
  • Gil Gesser on E-letter: Sixteen tons: “The one thing you failed to mention was your clear preference for the Conservative Party of Canada. It would not…Aug 11, 10:33
  • B Spyropoulos on E-letter: Opportunity in change: “When are you going to run for Prime Minister, Kerry?Jul 14, 11:40
  • Harvey on E-letter: Two keys: “I am not interested in anyone’s opinions of anything political…… Please stick to issues directly related to our industryJun 10, 16:16
  • Jim Hopkins on Those darned South Asians: “Excellent article. ‘We all often offend…’ (James 3:2) but does that give any a licence to destroy a man? They…Jun 10, 10:36
  • Wendell Lees on E-letter: Two keys: “We are completely aligned on this topic. My concern is any divergence we may have with regard to Pres. Trump.…Jun 10, 09:55
  • Auke Bijlsma on E-letter: Two keys: “Great article, Fully agree, here is a link to a video from Candace Owens, it’s worth watching. AukeJun 10, 09:54
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  • Glynn Shannan on E-letter: Two keys: “I agree with what you are saying and am glad that I am not the only one who sees things…Jun 9, 22:32
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  • Mario Rivard on Door and countertop production driven by people, technology: “Hello, how can I stop and bring a warp counter back to normal, I put a piece in the middle…Apr 10, 11:23
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  • The Editor on E-letter: Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!: “Hi KerryI enjoyed your editorial once again.  When I got to peer, I thought – is it peer or peeer. …Mar 18, 19:10
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  • Kerry Knudsen on What is the value of Pi?: “73,456 ?Aug 5, 13:17
  • Todd Jones on Colclo Custom Woodworking, Markham, Ont.: “Great job !! Thanks for sharing this post, It gives me information that I’m looking for 🙂Jul 16, 03:04
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  • Robert McKnight on Unions vs. Canada: “So maybe the workers were approached by union officials with the same old story, we can get you more wages,…Jun 5, 15:50
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  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: A Christmas story: “Hi, Kraus, It has been another fine year. From everybody that has helped W.I. Media be a success, including you,…Dec 21, 18:07




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