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Green coating and adhesive technology: Problems solved; Problems created

Homeowners are lining up at the big-box stores to take advantage of the latest cabinetry, fixture and...

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  • wilson on E-letter: Loonies and sense: “Kerry , you seem to confuse Communism and Socialism , calling them the same thing. this couldnt be further from…Feb 12, 12:39
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Motion detection: “Thanks, Ray.I think my wife was safe in calling my attention to the floater. Not much I can say about…Jan 9, 11:26
  • Razer on E-letter: Motion detection: “Mr. KnudsenWe are a wood windows and doors distributor for many years. I must say your writing skills are excellent and…Jan 8, 16:42
  • Kerry Knudsen on Thanks at Christmas: “Hi, Rob,You certainly made my day. Thanks for your support.On the one hand, we are such a small industry and…Dec 19, 19:49
  • Woodchiper on Thanks at Christmas: “Merry Christmas Kerry,I don't normally read and definitely never respond to E-letters, but I do read Wood Industry's regularly and…Dec 19, 11:16
  • RVB on E-letter: The media the enemy — is Trump right?: “I don't know what "the media is the enemy" means.  The enemy of whom?  In my experience, someone who is…Sep 13, 10:48
  • Stephen Hogbin. Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio on Handle with care: “Excellent thoughtful article. Thanks.Aug 21, 12:58
  • Kerry Knudsen on What is the value of Pi?: “73,456 ?Aug 5, 13:17
  • Todd Jones on Colclo Custom Woodworking, Markham, Ont.: “Great job !! Thanks for sharing this post, It gives me information that I'm looking for 🙂Jul 16, 03:04
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  • Robert McKnight on Unions vs. Canada: “So maybe the workers were approached by union officials with the same old story, we can get you more wages,…Jun 5, 15:50
  • Elmer Halvorson on Carbon politics: “Back in the '50s we were taught that the world goes through changes approx every 6000 yrs. The last…Mar 9, 12:47
  • Allan CNC Automation on Creative energy: “Another great piece Alain. You always offer a fantastic perspective to incorporating technology in our work. I couldn't agree with…Feb 19, 11:59
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  • Mallory Smith on E-letter: Plain English: “Kerry, Please add one more fan to the list of those who anticipate the arrival of your column!…Feb 14, 07:06
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Plain English: “Bonjour, Michel, Please accept my apologies!! What I was saying is that English is under attack from our government,…Feb 14, 04:05
  • Alain on Creative energy: “Thanks, John. A very valid point. I like to think that we need to incorporate all these new digital technologies…Feb 13, 23:30
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  • Klaus Gabriel on E-letter: A Christmas story: “Well said. Well done, and Merry Christmas Kerry. Klaus - Swan Industries, Grande Prairie, AlbertaDec 21, 12:38
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  • Kerry Knudsen on Nothing like face-to-face: “You're on the list, Yuill. I hope to see you at WMS in November. kkApr 11, 13:49
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Generations: “Hi,Patrick, I was told long ago not to explain metaphors. I have no idea why. I'll need to think…Apr 11, 13:48
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Generations: “Much appreciated. Best to have fun working, eh? kkApr 11, 13:40
  • jim fenton on E-letter: Generations: “Good Morning . I have no clever words of wisdom to impart . I wanted you to know…Apr 11, 13:05
  • Patrick Arbuthnot on E-letter: Generations: “Kerry, I truly enjoy reading your articles. You can tell it come from the heart. mentioning Holy Week…Apr 11, 12:15
  • Yuill McGregor on Nothing like face-to-face: “Dear Kerry, Sign me up. We need a Canada wide association for our wood products that we can all…Apr 7, 15:35
  • Chris Yen on Pause the panic button: “Thank you for the editorial 'Pause the panic button'. It is both fair and clearly stated.Feb 10, 15:39
  • Valerie Peterson on Why ask why?: “As always, very well said, Kerry. Your reference to failed climate change initiatives and the schemes behind them inspired…Jan 11, 14:31
  • Jim Hickey on Why ask why?: “The most 'Right On' article I've read in a very long time!Jan 11, 11:54
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Carbon grizzly footprint: “Hi, Bryce, Not to be corrective, but to let other readers know, you likely meant to address this to…Oct 16, 10:25
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  • Bryce Comer on E-letter: Carbon grizzly footprint: “Sorry Chris, Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you're basing your argument on what? Certainly not science. You…Oct 12, 13:10
  • Rob VM on E-letter: Running amok: “Sorry Kerry, I think the only person running "Amok" here is you! Lumping Colin K's protest in…Oct 7, 19:53
  • Karl Janzen on Splatter: “Good article as usual. There seems to be little appreciation for the risk/liability and employer carries. In addition, the…Sep 30, 12:32
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Running amok: “Thanks for that, Liza, You certainly have permission to share the e-letter or anything else we publish on Facebook.Sep 15, 10:48
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Running amok: “Thanks, Ed, I hope retirement is to your liking. The more I hear about it, the more it seems…Sep 15, 10:46
  • Ed Fiantaca on E-letter: Running amok: “Kerry, I may be retired but I still enjoy reading your column. This one has struck the proverbial nail…Sep 15, 10:10
  • Liza Clark on E-letter: Running amok: “Thanks, I always enjoy reading your column. You generally educate me on most topics and I really enjoyed this one.…Sep 13, 14:50
  • linda Prin on Eastwood Wood Specialties: “It sounds like your father really created a family legacy in wood working. I love that you ventured out on…Jul 12, 13:38
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  • Pascal Doucet on Sweet 16: Just In Time: “Nice article and thank you for showing the Doucet clamp carrier. Thanks to DJ Furniture for being Doucet…Jun 9, 09:51
  • John Gulka on E-letter: Post-customer matrix: “Mr. Knudson In my comment, I referred only to your opinions stated in one sentence in the…Apr 20, 02:12
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Post-customer matrix: “Hi, John, Naturally, I am sorry to hear of your decision. If I may, one of the things that…Apr 19, 11:03
  • John Gulka on E-letter: Post-customer matrix: “Hello, Your generalizations of teachers and youth, things about which I have a passing knowledge, call into…Apr 17, 19:18
  • Brian Wood on E-letter: Post-customer matrix: “Hello Kerry I enjoyed reading the last couple of articles you wrote. I have been dabbling in some…Apr 13, 12:36
  • Ron Sinclair on E-letter: Post-customer matrix: “Hi: Been retired from the industry for a number of years now but still enjoy reading your monthly editorials.…Apr 13, 11:02
  • Robert Wood on How wood works: “I would like to compliment Paul Epp on his column from the March/April 2016 issue of Wood Industry, "How Wood…Apr 11, 22:08
  • Rick Koehn on E-letter: Outsider trading: “Kerry, i have always enjoyed your writings as they offer a fine balance between our (small) woodworking world and our…Jan 14, 09:59
  • Bob St. Cyr on Bang for your dues: “I have just retired from 20 years working in the industry and then 20 years teaching high school wood shop.…Jan 2, 09:09
  • Jean-Claude Prefontaine on The heart of a liberal: “Hi Kerry, I truly enjoyed your article 'the heart of a liberal'. It is very insightful and lots of common…Nov 11, 08:30
  • Anita on The heart of a liberal: “What a great read! It pretty well sums up what so many have experienced and feel and do not…Nov 10, 13:58
  • Steve on The heart of a liberal: “I really enjoy looking through the wood industry news and recieving the newsletter so I can be better informed about…Nov 10, 11:55
  • Jim Heimsoth on Publisher wins editors’ kudos: “Thank you Kerry for supporting and standing for our industry!! We really appreciate it!! Regards,…Nov 1, 09:55
  • Rick Mostert on Publisher wins editors’ kudos: “Congratulations Kerry. Can’t help but pass along that I too echo your sentiments and it’s about…Nov 1, 08:36
  • Brian Dietrich on Publisher wins editors’ kudos: “OUR congratulations / Go Kerry K Go ! R Brian Dietrich UW Office…Nov 1, 08:35
  • Carlo on Publisher wins editors’ kudos: “Dear Knudsen, congratulation! I will be leaving for some rest next week and be back the…Nov 1, 08:33
  • Gerry Padsmore on Publisher wins editors’ kudos: “Does not make sense by blaming.Nov 1, 08:30
  • Liza Clark on Publisher wins editors’ kudos: “As a manufacturer I am quite interested in who would stand against integrity in business. I for one, do…Nov 1, 08:27
  • Kerry Knudsen on Unions vs. Canada: “I think it is the frustrated dream of everybody that offers a forum for public discussion that people will engage…Oct 19, 09:50
  • Tyler Roberts on Unions vs. Canada: “Hey Kerry You're not anti-union you're pro-human and if you hire someone and they don't like it they can…Oct 17, 12:44
  • Kerry Knudsen on Unions vs. Canada: “Hi, Randy, While you are not far off on your observation, I don't see myself so much as anti-union, as…Oct 15, 12:08
  • Randy Parry on Unions vs. Canada: “Kerry , unions vs canada, really? I can see from your comments that you are anti union .…Oct 15, 08:47
  • Charles Penner on E-letter: Only a flesh wound: “Thank-you Kerry for saying it as it is CharlesOct 13, 19:33
  • Wendell Yip on E-letter: Only a flesh wound: “Won't be the first time German managers were only following orders.....Oct 13, 19:19
  • Tyler Roberts on Unions vs. Canada: “I know there is an anti-union bias here, but this editorial borders on lunacy and doesn't match the statement about…Oct 11, 12:53
  • Bill Leopold on Unions vs. Canada: “I haven't read a commentary in a professional forum so biased and amateur in a long time. Unions are enslaving…Oct 11, 02:39
  • Pete Delantar on Warning WMC: “For the wood industry to be reinvented, we have to adapt new materials components that can provide a new look…Sep 15, 18:44
  • John Schultz on E-letter: Bogus results, real consequences: “In my view the problem is that we are happy to use the term “science” for the ologies that have…Sep 10, 11:40
  • Kerry Knudsen on E-letter: Bogus results, real consequences: “Hi, Brenda, Thanks for the quick and heart-felt reply. The purpose of our commentaries and these back-up…Sep 9, 15:42
  • Brenda Preston on E-letter: Bogus results, real consequences: “Your “Bogus Results” article/commentary is littered with more fallacious logic and twisted facts than I can count. Why not…Sep 9, 15:00
  • Santosh Chacko on Success comes cold-calling: “Great congrats.Aug 27, 01:28
  • Brett Lundy on Nap Gladu acquires BC Saw: “I dealt with BC Saw for 15 years. Recently I got some new band saw blades after they had become…Aug 19, 17:31
  • Kerry Knudsen on Let’s bore some zombies: “Hi, Mark: To tell the truth, the question never occurred to me. However, I checked. It’s 102.87 cm. Yourself?…Aug 9, 20:33
  • mark smithies on Let’s bore some zombies: “your rant against blum and akhurst made me wonder how close your brain and asshole are to each other. after…Aug 7, 02:52
  • Larry Mckeown on E-letter: Rocking the boat: “I could read Kerry's writings all day. He is such an informed and intelligent writer. I just…Jun 9, 16:58
  • Trevor Halford on In need of some restraint: “If we are looking for fraud we need to look no further than the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Again…Apr 11, 20:09
  • Mitersawexpert on More accurate miter-saw cutting: “Hi WoodIndusry ! Your post is really useful for us to know more about CNC system using with miter…Mar 25, 06:40
  • luu on Dust collecting in stages: “hi how much dust collector? i am in Fresno. thank youFeb 15, 08:25
  • Kerry Knudsen on Browns to dreadnoughts: “You got me on the dreadnoughts. I should learn not to rely on memory. However, just to split hairs, were…Feb 4, 22:04
  • Dan McGarry on Browns to dreadnoughts: “Kerry, As always I enjoyed your editorial. However the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were not dreadnoughts (or battleships) they were…Feb 4, 17:52
  • Klaus Gabriel on E-letter: It’s a matter of law: “Very well said.Jan 13, 12:34
  • Pino Tridenti on Career profile: Alan Smart: “During my career as Export Manager of DMC, sanding machines, I had the great pleasure to know Alan. It was…Dec 4, 09:32
  • Dane Floyd on E-letter: Who’s the boss?: “Great piece on Unions. I have been asking these same questions for decades here in USA without a single…Oct 15, 13:12
  • Eric Garbara on E-letter: Who’s the boss?: “I Have children that had been affected by the teachers strike in BC and I have not seen any…Oct 14, 18:11
  • Kerry Knudsen on A password a day keeps you away: “Thanks, Michel, The question is, what can we do about it? The next thing you know, we will all…Oct 7, 22:04
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