3D air membrane presses perform thermoforming

The Italpresse range of air membrane presses from Akhurst are for thermoforming materials such as PVC, PPE, ABS, transfer foils or natural veneers.

The optional PSS (pin support system) eliminates the need of panel raisers, the company says.

The PSS employs a working tray completely filled with square pins. With a simple push of the pins around the panel, they go down, leaving the panel correctly raised over the working table, it adds.

When a change to the dimensions of the panels is required, all the pins can be re-set to the up position while the tray exits the press.

A special surface finish of the top face of the pins prevents any shifting of the panels during the whole cycle.

Another advantage is that there is no need to put ‘blocks’ around the isolated panels because the pins have a ‘self-blocking’ effect saving the quality of panel edges and corners.