Aged-look cabinetry

Elias aged-look cabinetryFour new aging techniques by Elias Woodwork can give kitchen cabinetry almost any kind of aged but elegant look. With Rub-Through, some corners and edges are sanded before and after the staining/painting process. The technique creates a slightly old to heavily used look. Antiquing involves more aggressive sanding on corners (before and after painting or staining), to create a more rustic look. Corners are sanded either on the frame or on the raised panel. Some areas of the inside profiles are also rounded off with sanding to create a used look. With distressing, custom tools are used to lightly cut and dent the cabinetry. Random worm holes are also made in the doors. Then there is a combination of distressing and antiquing, which causes stain to feather-off the wood and give cabinetry a naturally worn and well-used look.