E-letter: Bedhead entitlement

Sorry to bother everybody with Ontario politics, but there are bigger points that need airing.

Kerry Knudsen

First, in case you hadn’t heard, after ruling Ontario with carefree abandon, the Ontario Liberals got their heads handed to them on a platter. Keeping only seven seats, they don’t even have official party status.

In a matter of hours, one of the winners’ top campaign organizers, speaking, of course, on condition of anonymity, claimed credit for the entire victory, as reported in the National Post: “Ford win was a sure thing, thanks to the ‘literally thousands’ of targeted online ads, says campaign official.”

I should think he’d want to be anonymous, no matter how much he was paid to say it. It gives the impression his IQ is somewhat lower than a standard house cat. Maybe a guinea pig, for example. Don’t get me wrong. I love guinea pigs. We have five. They just aren’t too bright. Chipper and Cubby are the males. The females are Ginger, Molly and Paloma. Chipper is the stylish one, presidential orange and white, but he’s been fixed and is all show and no go.

In taking credit for the PC’s win, Mr. Anonymous failed to overlook a few significant points. First, the Liberals were corrupt beyond imagining, even to mimicking Hillary Clinton’s stunt by destroying emails intended for evidence. After a $4.5 billion hydro boondoggle, then-premier Dalton McGuinty got an offer he could not refuse in the States and left the rest of the bag to Kathleen Wynne. This makes Doug Ford’s win very reminiscent of Trump’s, which had nothing to do with ads. It had to do with people being fed up with self-entitled professional hucksters helping themselves to all that they wanted, and offering the leavings to us. Much in the manner of guinea pigs, who, no matter how social, simply cannot stand for another pig to have a whole piece of romaine. They are, however, happy to leave the rib.

Second, look at the polls leading up to Ontario’s election. The PCs had no idea they were on the verge of a landslide for the ages. The Liberals knew they were out, and even conceded before the vote. However, the polls had the NDP and PCs in a dead heat. They were off. They were off so badly I expect the next round of polls will be published anonymously, along with Mr. Anonymous Campaign Organizer, above.

So, Canada, following the precedent set in the States, dumped a bunch of deep-state carpetbaggers and their toadies, destroyed the polls and elected a man whose only claim to election was his promise to change everything.

And Mr. Anonymous wants to claim it was ads.


To be clear, we at W.I. Media love ads, and we know advertising works. It always has, and it always will. However, if you read Mr. Anonymous (let’s dispense with formality and call him Weak Coward) closely, he is saying the electorate is a bunch of lemmings that are subject to total manipulation by genius admen and women that are so genius as to hold the golden key. Or lettuce. It depends on who is doing the selling. I say lettuce.

Our advertisers know that, unlike most other publications, we cater to the market – to the readers – because we know that readers, like voters, are the real value in society, and we in the media and advertisers, alike, depend on service for our livelihood.

Doug Ford won because he was running a campaign promising integrity in an environment where it was lacking. It was the message, not the medium and the credibility, not the volume.

Coincidentally, U.S. President Trump was in Canada two days later for the G7 conference. In case you have not heard, it did not go smoothly. Not at all. You can read about it elsewhere, but the nexus of the news is this quote from Peter Navarro, Trump trade advisor, speaking of Justin Trudeau: “There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door.”

Earlier, Trump had said the G7 has seen the U.S. as a piggy bank to rob over the past 80 years.

You can say what you like about the tariffs. Personally, I think Trump is right about our tariffs on dairy, wheat and so on. We are just accustomed to it. On the other hand, I think our dairy products and flour are superior to those in the States. But tariffs are not the issue.

This issue is this: Trump appears to believe Trudeau stabbed him in the back, and Trudeau waited until Trump was out of town to do it. And not only was Trump out of town, but he appears to believe he was on his way to a meeting that may change the course of world peace forever.

Speaking as someone with experience getting stabbed from behind by a perceived ally, I can see why Trump might react in a perfunctory and unapologetic way, possibly putting off the kiss-and-make-up phase until he has saved the world from nuclear disaster.

Let’s look at Trump for a moment. He won against overwhelming odds against over a dozen competitors in his own party before the election was even an issue. Those competitors have not all jumped on-board with him. Former candidate Mitt Romney famously said before the election that Trump is not competent to lead. The same was said of Doug Ford, for that matter. So it’s not a partisan environment. The establishment Left and the establishment Right hate him equally. About the only people on Trump’s side are the people that voted for him. And in a democracy, that matters.

People seem to think Trump needs to be taught how to speak in polite society. They didn’t like his tweeting, and still don’t. This doesn’t seem to bother him. And they don’t like his manner. They were certain Trump would end the world up in a nuclear war. At the moment, that seems unlikely. And black unemployment in the States is at its lowest point ever, et cetera. I am not an apologist for Trump. Just sayin’. Trump disdains the haute société.


Now, with the election long past, it seems people want Trump to speak a certain way to the G7, not realizing he may see the G7 as just another troupe of swamp creatures. It appears he doesn’t want to obey, but look at the context. Trump may have in his mind that Great Britain made its last payment on its deferred-interest/low-interest/forgiven capital WWII debt to the U.S. in 2006. That would support the piggy bank analogy.

Further, look at the members of the G7 that want to control Trump’s anti-deficit agenda. In addition to Great Britain and Canada, you have France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the European Union, all singing from the same hymnbook.

For one thing, France, Germany, Italy (so far), England and the EU are not exactly separate entities, so it’s like giving each one two votes. It’s like Trump having one vote against a rapacious, back-stabbing cartel.

However, Trump also probably knows about the Marshall Plan, by which, after WWII, the U.S. taxpayers, approved by their representatives, undertook the reconstruction of war-devastated Europe on their own backs. with approximately $110 billion 2016 U.S. dollars, and they ran a similar program in Asia. Germany, France, England Italy and Japan have profited by the largess of Americans.

Again, I am not defending Trump, so much as I’m saying he may see things the rest of us don’t hear about on a daily basis.

And he may see Justin Trudeau as a twit. He may see a Romney-esque sense of entitlement coupled with a Vichy style of arrogance and duplicity. He may see Justin as all show and no go, king of the lettuce, and not brilliant. Scared to attack except in absentia. Weak. At least, that’s what he said.


Another fact I’ve remained quiet about is perplexing. Trump doesn’t drink, has never been drunk and has never been high on pot and cocaine. You may know people that never drink. I certainly do, and their view of matters of finance and morality differ from those that drink and drug – especially those that drink and drug excessively. Especially those that lobby for legalizing drugs for recreation – sort of like England did to China a few hundred years back.

So, what if Trump views Justin as just another small, all-show-no-go, beige, yippie-dog, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his mind addled with the same substances and sense of entitlement as we see elsewhere in government, in entertainment and labour? A poofle with an attitude and no umph?

If all those things are true, then we might encourage Justin to have a competent thinker write up a proposal to bring Trump back to the table, lest Prime Minister Selfie drag us all deeper into an uncomfortable situation with our neighbours.

I don’t think Trump wants to diminish Canada, but I also think he sees the same level of civil discontent among Canadian voters as he tapped in the States, and I think our leaders, especially Justin, will torment him at our peril.

For that matter, I think our leaders will torment us at their peril. We could ask Kathleen Wynne. She has spare time for questions these days.

I think we should let the EU eat its own, and I don’t think we should ask Trudeau. Depending how you look at it, Justin may end up being our own worst enemy.


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