Bendable substrate panels provide architectural features

Timberflex from Kerfkore is a bendable panel that has a three-ply Italian poplar face ready to paint or laminate without the need for patching or sanding.

The panels can bend to a 5 in. radius and are flat without dips, valleys and hard spots that are often found in bendable plywood, the company says.

The product is dimensionally sized to have the same thickness throughout to assure seam hiding characteristics.

The panel material is produced from engineered wood products and will provide a dimensionally stable panel that is consistent in performance and uniformity.

Advantages over conventional bending methods include:

  • less labour;
  • no veneer checking or telegraphing; and,
  • elimination of sanding, patching and laying up multiple layers of plywood.

Additional benefits include never “springing back” and always “hanging true.”

The material is available in 4 x 8 and 8 x 4 panel sizes and comes in 1/2, 5/8 and ¾ in. thicknesses.